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The Narrative Enneagram -  TNE Core Faculty
Helen Palmer Announces Her Retirement
TNE Core Faculty |Sep 23, 2020

Helen Palmer and David Daniels, MD co-founded the Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP) in 1988, the first program of its kind. Now, 32 years later, the EPTP is still going strong and has certified more than more than 1000 Enneagram teachers and practitioners. Helen and David were an impressive team! They were smart enough, inspiring enough and persistent enough to enroll many of us as supporters and organizers, teachers and trainers who became part of their vision and helped to establish the programs and networks of the Narrative Enneagram and the EPTP, not only in the United States but worldwide.

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The Narrative Enneagram - Ed Self
Facilitating Social Change from the Inside Out
Ed Self |Jul 27, 2020

In recognition of the growing public outcry around systemic racism and police violence, TNE posted a call-to-action statement last month about our commitment to anti-racism, social justice and equity for all people. 

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The Narrative Enneagram - Sheryl Cohen, PhD
Online Training: An Idea Whose Time is Here!
Sheryl Cohen, PhD |Jun 5, 2020

You never know when Life will hand you opportunities. 

The Narrative Enneagram (TNE) made a commitment in July 2019 as part of our Strategic Plan to create new online learning opportunities for our students over the next three years. Little did we know that we would be given the push we needed to work so quickly …

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The Narrative Enneagram - TNE Board of Directors
Polly Cherner – In Memorium (1951-2020)
TNE Board of Directors |May 24, 2020

The Narrative Enneagram Community lost a beloved friend and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area on February 7, 2020, when Polly Cherner passed away in her San Anselmo home following a brief illness. Polly loved teaching the Enneagram. After becoming a Certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher in 2005, she hosted monthly Enneagram Panel Evenings, well attended across generations, in her hillside home and offered ongoing groups and classes for many. 

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The Narrative Enneagram - Joyce Plaza
After ‘What’s My Type?’– The Deeper Quest of Enneagram Work
Joyce Plaza |Apr 26, 2019

In 1998 I attended my first Narrative Enneagram class. I knew the basics of the Enneagram and thought that I might be a Type One, but I wasn’t sure. During the class, the teachers explained that a Type One was a body type. Ha! I thought that couldn’t be right – I must be a head type! The voice in my head was constant, always active – judging what I was doing, checking how things were going, always looking at others. And, by the way, what is a body type? I didn’t understand, and thought the teachers must be wrong.

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The Narrative Enneagram - TNE Board of Directors
The Narrative Enneagram: A new organization built on 30 years of history
TNE Board of Directors |Feb 1, 2018

As of January 1, 2018, we are pleased to announce that two nonprofits – Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition (ESNT) and Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition (EANT) – have combined forces to create The Narrative Enneagram (TNE).

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The Narrative Enneagram - Renée Rosario
Congratulations to Our Newly Certified Enneagram Teachers and Professionals
Renée Rosario |Jan 24, 2018

I have the privilege of teaching the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, following students in our certification tracks as they complete their internships, and witnessing their final interviews. I do not use the word privilege lightly. I am inspired by the diligence and growth that I witness during this process. To watch their wisdom and embodiment grow professionally and in their personal lives is astonishing.

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The Narrative Enneagram - Sheryl Cohen, PhD
Why I Give
Sheryl Cohen, PhD |Nov 28, 2017

I decided earlier this year that the best holiday gift I could offer my son and daughter-in-law was tuition to Enneagram Intensive 2.0. I spoke with them when they were finishing the second weekend. It was so encouraging to hear their curiosity and excitement about what they learned about themselves and other people. I hadn’t predicted that I would get such a wonderful gift back. In a world that often feels so full of divisiveness, discouragement and suffering, the work we do ignites a flame amidst the darkness, offering both warmth and light.

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The Narrative Enneagram - Sheryl Cohen, PhD
ESNT Call to Action
Sheryl Cohen, PhD |Jan 10, 2017

It is my privilege and honor to be serving as ESNT’s president for 2017. I succeed Paul Strasburg, who has ably led our Board of Directors to become a well-functioning team. At our recent board retreat we could see, sense and feel that we are truly more than the sum of our parts. We have much work to do to ensure that we continue to be the vibrant and transformative organization that our mission and vision mandate.

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The Narrative Enneagram - Paul Strasburg
David Daniels Becomes Core Faculty Emeritus
Paul Strasburg |May 31, 2016

Our co-founder David Daniels, MD, is announcing today his decision to move to Emeritus status as a Core Faculty member of Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition. The term Emeritus “recognizes a person of distinction in a profession who retires or hands over the position … but does not necessarily signify that he has relinquished all the duties of the position and may continue to exercise some of them.” Please see his statement below.

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