Therapy & Coaching

Using the Enneagram with Clients

The Enneagram brings unparalleled benefits to mental health practitioners, spiritual directors and others working one-to-one with clients by:

  • Providing accurate descriptions of the core structures of nine personality types
  • Offering type-specific perspectives and understanding of the relationship between psychological issues, spiritual qualities and somatic patterns
  • Complementing all traditions and virtually all forms and schools of therapy and change
Learning personality development through the eyes of David Daniels and Helen Palmer is being given the gift of deep insight into how temperament and attachment intertwine – both personally helpful and professionally useful in understanding our many layers of perception, emotion and habits of mind. Thank you for providing such exciting new vistas.
Daniel Siegel, MD
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA Center for Culture, Brain and Development, World-renowned expert in Attachment Theory
I’ve used the Enneagram as a clinical diagnostic tool for 28 years. It’s the roadmap for both clients and therapists that reveals the core of behavioral fixation and then teaches how to characterologically and spiritually transcend that abyss. My clients have loved it and have benefited from it tremendously.
Kathleen C. Tamm, MA, MFT
The Institute for Personal Change