By integrating the Enneagram with somatic psychology, we gain access to a wealth of practical techniques for our own exploration and/or to support others. The word “somatic” comes from the Greek “somatikos,” which means pertaining to the body, experienced and regulated from within.

In the field of somatic (body-oriented) psychology, teachers and authors have described a core self that can be found underneath layers of armoring or social conditioning. As Carl Jung noted, “Psyche depends on body and body depends on psyche.”

In a close parallel, the Enneagram describes how to reclaim our essential self from the layers of personality. A somatic approach enables you to embody your practice by bringing attention to your body and emotions in the context of type structure.

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"Our bodies are the vehicle for our consciousness."
Terry Saracino
TNE Core Faculty Member

Somatic Patterns for Each Enneagram Type

To learn about somatic patterns for each personality type, go to Tour the Nine Types and select one type to review. Then scroll down to the “Somatics” section at the bottom of the type description page.

While there are general patterns for each type, there are also many individual differences. For example, people of the same Enneagram types may experience differences based on whether they are living with a disability. Early experience in childhood also can play a large part in what kind of body armor we carry around.

Practitioner Certification

People can also change how they inhabit their bodies and express emotions through therapy and inner work. For therapists, coaches, counselors, bodyworkers and others who work one-to-one, the Enneagram offers keys to understanding the major issues of each type, the shifts in structure as people move to their stress and security points, and how to best apply each method or technique to the individual. The Practitioner Track of our Professional Certification Program gives professionals the tools they need to support their clients in feeling safe and supported. 

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Body Awareness Practice