Our Values

Reflecting the World We Desire to Create Together

Our ongoing commitment is to develop and sustain a culture that is committed to diversity, equity and access to all programs; aligned with TNE’s mission and vision; and cohesive and collaborative.

In 2021, we completed an eight-month review process to update our Core Values to best reflect the world we desire to create together. With representation from our Core Faculty, Board and Staff and input from our student community, we held space for important, in-depth conversations that helped us to evolve and align our values with our vision for the TNE’s future and our community’s impact on the world.

Our Core Values are a compelling reminder that the work we do is never complete and we are stronger when we work together in community, intentionally creating spaces that are safe for all to experience and contribute to the following:

  1. Compassionate Curiosity
  2. Grounded Presence
  3. Worth and Belonging
  4. Collaborative Creativity
  5. Individual, Collective and Structural Transformation
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Rooted in our evolving curriculum and embodied in the people who make up our growing community, our values are organizational and personal, tangible and inspirational.
TNE Values Committee
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    core value #1

    Compassionate Curiosity

    We open our hearts to receive and express loving kindness and we expand our minds to increase our capacity for greater awareness.

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    core value #2

    Grounded Presence

    We practice being grounded in our bodies and present to our own inner experience, allowing us to be receptive to ourselves, to others, and to that which is greater.

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    core value #3

    Worth and Belonging

    We create brave learning spaces for diverse participants to experience the inherent value and beauty of difference, as an expression of the greater whole.

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    core value #4

    Collaborative Creativity

    We work together in partnership with our eyes open toward wonder and possibility.

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    core value #5

    Individual, Collective and Structural Transformation

    We facilitate educational experiences to cultivate greater freedom for all people and to build capacity for the dismantling of oppressive systems that deny justice and prohibit flourishing for All.

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    We set ground rules for creating safe and inclusive learning environments together.