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The History of the Enneagram & The Narrative Enneagram

Who Invented the Enneagram?

Stemming from the Greek words ennea (nine) and grammos (a written or drawn symbol), the Enneagram was borne out of ancient tradition. It was introduced to the modern world in 1915 as a human development system by philosopher and teacher George Gurdjieff. In the late 1960s, Oscar Ichazo, founder of the Arica School, placed nine personality types around the Enneagram diagram.

Soon after, Claudio Naranjo, MD, and other psychologists in Berkeley, CA, integrated the Enneagram with emerging developments in modern psychology. Since the 1970s, the Enneagram has been developed as a modern psychological system by Claudio Naranjo, MD and other psychologists in California, including Helen Palmer and David Daniels, MD. Loyola University in Chicago was also an early center of Enneagram work. Learn more >

2013 interview with Helen Palmer and David Daniels, MD

1970s to Today

1993 – 1994

1993: The Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition (EANT) began as a grassroots membership association to support graduates of the EPTP, and over the years evolved into an international community of teachers, students and practitioners.

1994: Following the first International Enneagram conference at Stanford University, we became the first International Enneagram Association (IEA) Accredited Enneagram School and Enneagram Training Program. We have since presented in-person trainings in 29 countries worldwide, and certified more than 1,600 teachers and practitioners.

history with helen and david

2020 – 2022

2020: In response to the global pandemic, we moved our entire curriculum online and registrations increased by 40%. We provided 81 scholarships, many through our Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) initiative. Co-founder and Core Faculty Helen Palmer announced her retirement.

2021: We expanded our online offerings and certified 46 new Narrative Enneagram Teachers and Practitioners. We invested in updating our internal and public-facing technologies. And our key stakeholders engaged in a year-long DEI training. We also grew faculty capacity by welcoming two new Associate Faculty, Mónica Tinoco and Erlina Edwards.

2022: The Narrative Enneagram became the first International Enneagram Association Accredited School with Distinction. The Arizona Enneagram Association also gifted its core teaching curriculum to TNE, and the AEA teachers became TNE Adjunct Faculty. Former members of the AEA were welcomed into the TNE member community.

Online Enneagram class showing a Zoom screen full of students