Creating a More Compassionate World Together

Thank you for being an important part of this transformative work. Your gift today means more people will experience the power of the Enneagram as a part of our community.

Please consider investing in these key Initiatives that will engage a larger and more diverse audience in our programs and better serve our Learning Communities and Certified Teachers and Practitioners:

  1. Expand program offerings well beyond certification, including professional development post certification and numerous applications of the Enneagram in everyday life.
  2. Feature and leverage the talents of our certified teacher community to offer new programming.
  3. Further expand our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Initiatives, making the Enneagram accessible to everyone.
  4. Utilize our new technology platform to offer new ways for interconnection and engagement within the extended Narrative Community.
  5. Complete a comprehensive curriculum review and update to ensure our materials and methods of delivery are the most cutting edge and inclusive.

Your investment will create a positive and lasting impact to further our shared goal of transforming lives and creating a more compassionate world. Thank you for your support!

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Ways to Contribute


Please contact TNE Executive Director Erlina Edwards if you have any questions or need more information. Your generous support is greatly appreciated.

The Narrative Enneagram is an educational nonprofit and is tax exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. The entirety of your contribution may be tax-deductible. Check with your tax advisor.