Foundational Courses

A Transformational Enneagram Journey

Our Foundational Courses will immerse you in the experiential Narrative Enneagram panel method. In this four-course program, you’ll bring the Enneagram to life through the stories of others.

Together, they’ll guide you through the psychological, somatic, and spiritual elements of the Enneagram. With each course, you’ll deepen your knowledge and explore different elements of how the Enneagram shows up in your life.

This is the perfect place to start if you’re here for personal development, and these courses are also required if you choose to pursue Professional Certification to become a Certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher or Practitioner.

Courses Include:

  • Experiencing the Narrative Enneagram
  • Exploring Instinctual Subtypes
  • Engaging Transformational Growth
  • Deepening Spiritual Awareness

Start with Experiencing the Narrative Enneagram (prev. Enneagram Intensive Part 1) and then join any or all of the other three courses in the order that works best for you.

International Enneagram Association Accredited School with Distinction + Accredited Training Program 2024
Margot Burns
The first time I saw panels I was just blown away. I learned more about the Enneagram in a weekend than I had in eight years of study. It allows the whole system to come alive right in front of you.
Margot Burn
Certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher

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Experiencing the Narrative Enneagram

Immerse yourself in the most effective and dynamic map of personality available, bring the Enneagram to life through type panels, and lay the groundwork for transformation.

Experiencing the Narrative Enneagram offers a unique and transformative opportunity to discover the power of the Enneagram and deepen your understanding of the nine types. We teach through The Narrative Tradition, which centers your own experiences and promotes a living exploration of the Enneagram through type panels and other participatory methods.

Students will:

  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and others by exploring the motivations, patterns, and themes of the nine types
  • Learn how the Enneagram can support your growth, relationships, work, and spiritual life
  • Integrate psychology, spirituality, and somatics to build greater self-awareness and explore a path to personal development
  • Bring the Enneagram to life through real people’s experiences by witnessing facilitated panel interviews and sharing your own story with a compassionate community

Exploring Instinctual Subtypes

Learn how the three instinctual drives influence your daily experiences, show up in your relationships, and illuminate important variations among people of the same personality type.

While all three drives are present in everyone, one tends to be more central in our daily lives and relationships. This primary instinct determines our Enneagram subtype, which may impact our daily experiences even more than our type. By becoming more awake to your own subtype, you can improve your communication, reduce conflict, and build new bridges with your loved ones.

Students will:

  • Understand healthy functioning in all three of the subtypes related to your type and explore which instinct may be primary in your life
  • Learn how to manage the emotional habit of your type while balancing work, home, relationships, and intimacy
  • Connect with others in small groups based on both type and primary instinct
  • Share your experience on a panel focused on how your subtype operates in your life and choices as a way to highlight differences among those of the same type

Engaging Transformational Growth

Discover how the defense system of each type shows up in your life, bring awareness to your unconscious patterns, and contemplate your own next steps for growth.

Engaging Transformational Growth examines how our type functions to keep us safe while also leading to feeling stuck when it’s over-utilized. By bringing kind awareness to our unconscious patterns, we can support ourselves and others to loosen type structure as we grow. As a result, we can free up energy to experience greater freedom, choice, and flexibility.

Students Will:

  • Utilize a powerful interactive exercise to inquire into your own relationship with each type’s defense mechanism
  • Develop your capacity for inner observation and learn to work with your patterns of reactivity
  • Learn the Universal Growth Process to build flexibility and free up energy for your life and relationships
  • Share your experience on a panel to reflect on how your type patterns show up in your life and contemplate your own next steps for growth

Deepening Spiritual Awareness

Examine your relationship to the vice, virtue, and holy idea of each type, explore contemplative methods, and expand your capacity to be receptive to something greater than yourself.

Build your inner capacity to recognize your emotional habits as they arise, stay present with the discomfort, and relax your ingrained patterns. By relaxing these habits of type, you can loosen your identification with type and move into a space characterized by open-heartedness and expansion. We welcome and encourage all spiritual backgrounds and identifications.

Students will:

  • Explore the transformative potential of type structure by working with the vices (emotional habits) and virtues of each type
  • Learn two contemplative methods, the via negativa for emptying the mind and the via positiva for focusing the mind
  • Identify skills to work with the barriers you face that keep you from being more open
  • Share your experience on a panel focused on identifying obstacles and supports on your path to greater freedom
headshot of terry saracino
By listening to others in a compassionate way, we begin to open ourselves. The room gets quiet, a palpable presence pervades the space, and something shifts. In that movement we extend beyond our limited awareness to obtain a glimpse of the greater reality of existence.
Terry Saracino
Core Faculty and Founding President
dayo headshot
Whether you're looking to get trained or just want to learn more, this might be for you! I'm on my third class, and their method really turns traditional learning on its head. You're not just having information thrown at you - instead you're learning from real people's life experience of their type. It's great!
Dayo Ajanaku
Current Student and Creator of @theblackenneagram

Costs per Course

$590 Early Bird Registration (6 weeks in advance)
$650 Regular Registration

In-person trainings have additional costs for lodging and meals.

Thanks to our community of generous donors, a number of scholarships are available.

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