Foundational Courses

A Great Place to Begin

Our Foundational Courses will immerse you in the experiential Narrative Enneagram panel method. In this four-course program, you’ll learn through the stories of others – experiencing the nine Enneagram types at a psychological, spiritual, and somatic level.

This is the perfect place to start if you’re here for personal development, and these courses are also required if you choose to pursue Professional Certification to become a Certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher or Practitioner.

Start with Experiencing the Narrative Enneagram (prev. Enneagram Intensive Part 1) and then take the other three courses in the order that works best for you. Exploring Instinctual Subtypes may also be taken as a standalone if you have previous Enneagram training.

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Being part of a Narrative audience builds compassionate presence. By listening to others in a compassionate way, we begin to open ourselves. The room gets quiet, a palpable presence pervades the space, and something shifts. In that movement we extend beyond our limited awareness – not just cognitively, but also emotionally and somatically – to obtain (for a moment, at least) a glimpse of the greater reality of existence.
Terry Saracino
TNE Core Faculty
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Experiencing the Narrative Enneagram

Formerly Enneagram Intensive Part 1

Our signature Experiencing the Narrative Enneagram offers a deep, transformative experience to practice integrating the head, heart and body centers of intelligence. Through teachings, practices and expertly facilitated panel interviews, we bring together the psychology (the “basic proposition”), spirituality (self-reflection) and somatics (body awareness) of each of the nine types.

Experiential and holistic, students witness the power of the Narrative Enneagram method to transform lives. 

Peter O'Hanrahan leads an Enneagram Panel

Engaging Transformational Growth

Formerly Enneagram Intensive Part 2

Engaging Transformational Growth helps to continue cultivating your mind, heart and body awareness with an emphasis on growth.

Learn how to work with your patterns of reactivity to experience more flexibility, adaptability, spontaneity, and freed-up energy into your life and relationships.

We’ll cover in depth the primary defense mechanism, habit of mind, driving emotion and focus of attention of each type, working with integration, embodiment and the Universal Growth Process.

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Deepening Spiritual Awareness

Deepening Spiritual Awareness focuses on your Enneagram type’s potential for higher levels of consciousness. Our format blends somatic practice rooted in grounded presence with contemplative methods for emptying and focusing the mind. These practices, experienced in community, build an inner capacity to recognize and relax emotional passions as they arise. We learn to convert our “vice to virtue” and we experience the purity of the life force that sustains us.

We welcome and encourage all spiritual backgrounds and identifications.

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Exploring Instinctual Subtypes

Formerly Instincts & Subtypes

In Exploring Instinctual Subtypes, you’ll learn the three instinctual drives and 27 subtypes. Every person has three instinctual drives with one that tends to be more central in our daily lives and relationships. The three instinctual drives include:

  • Self preservation – guides our relationships with home, food, security, family and warmth in personal relationship
  • One-to-one (aka Sexual) – fuels our personal vitality, sexuality, intimate relationships, and our experience of spiritual union
  • Social – forms our friendships, our participation in groups and community, and our social identity


The total cost for our four foundational courses is $2,360 USD (for online programs with early-bird discounts). In-person trainings have additional costs for lodging and meals.

Thanks to our community of generous donors, a number of scholarships are available.

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