Professional Certification Program

Become a Certified Enneagram Professional

The Professional Certification Program at The Narrative Enneagram is for those who have successfully completed the Foundational Courses and are interested in developing skills as a teacher of the Enneagram or as a practitioner using the Enneagram in their professional work as a therapist, coach, spiritual director, or other individual client work.

The Narrative Enneagram is the longest running Enneagram School in the world and first IEA Accredited School with Distinction. During this 12-month experiential learning program, you’ll develop your skills conducting typing interviews, leading panels, teaching presentations, and working individually with clients.

We offer two Certification Tracks:

Students complete the first half of the program together and then split into two tracks that offer specialized training based on your professional goals. You may choose to complete both tracks simultaneously.

Certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher (CNET) is for those who want to teach the Enneagram to groups by leading panels and offering presentations.

Certified Narrative Enneagram Practitioner (CNEP) is for therapists, coaches, spiritual directors and others who want to integrate the Enneagram into work with individual clients.

Program Components:

You’ll learn from expert faculty through live online modules, gain hands-on experience with feedback from a Coach or Supervisor during practicum, and build relationships with your cohort throughout the yearlong experience.


Entry into the Professional Certification Program requires the successful completion of The Narrative Enneagram Foundational Courses: Experiencing the Narrative Enneagram, Exploring Instinctual Subtypes, Engaging Transformational Growth, and Deepening Spiritual Awareness.

Those interested in entering the Practitioner Track must also:

  1. Be currently enrolled OR have successfully completed a professional training program in their discipline (e.g. mental health counseling, coaching, spiritual direction, etc.)
  2. Have worked as a fee-based client with a practitioner in their discipline for at least 6 sessions
  3. Have been working with individual clients in their discipline for at least 6 months
  4. Be actively working with at least 2 clients currently
International Enneagram Association Accredited School with Distinction + Accredited Training Program 2024
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Professional Certification Program Summary

Everything you need to know about becoming a Narrative Enneagram Certified Professional

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I attended the Practitioner Training in the hope of deepening my work with my clients. As a person who has greatly benefited from the Enneagram in my personal life, I knew that using it professionally would set me apart in private practice. It was incredible to be able to engage with other professionals from diverse backgrounds to create a supportive community to lean on for insight. I really appreciated the practical exercises to see Enneagram work in practice! I’m very thankful for the training.
Catie Bilz, M. Ed, LPC
Mental Health Counselor
While I officially certified three years ago, taking the training again increased my content knowledge and strengthened my teaching skills through a series of rigorous practice exercises. Renée Rosario and Peter O’Hanrahan provided invaluable feedback in addition to lessons learned through their many years of experience. I feel more capable and better equipped to teach larger class sizes as the number of participants grows.
Kerry O'Donnell
Professional and Personal Coach

Costs and Scholarships

The total cost for Professional Certification is $2,495 USD tuition + practicum fees (details page 8).

Teacher Track total: $4,250 USD

Practitioner Track total: $3,970 USD

Teacher + Practitioner Track total: $5,720 USD

Tuition payment plans are available with an initial payment of $995. Practicum fees are paid directly to your Coach and/or Supervisor, spread out over the number of sessions.

Thanks to our community of generous donors, a number of scholarships are available.

Time Commitment

The Professional Training Program takes 12 months to complete. To successfully become a Certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher or Practitioner, participants may not be absent from any portion of the Professional Certification Program. Full attendance and participation during the Course Modules is required since this experiential program includes group work, coaching, and opportunities to apply the skills you’ve learned.

Upcoming Program Dates (details pages 6-7):

August 2024 – July 2025

May 2025 – May 2026