A Dynamic System for Spiritual Development

Integrating Psychology with Spiritual Method

A dynamic system that identifies nine unique approaches to life, the Enneagram is a powerful tool for the discovery of emotional and thought patterns that can distract us from the present moment and the powerful life force flowing through us.

The Narrative Enneagram approach holistically transforms the mind, heart, and body. Our co-founder Helen Palmer’s vision for using the Enneagram map was integrating sound psychology with spiritual methods. What started as 40 individuals in her living room in the early 1970s has expanded to thousands of people who have used this approach to deepen their spiritual awareness.

Creating “A Field of Compassionate Presence”

As we listen to the stories and notice the body language and facial expressions of speakers on a type panel, the Enneagram becomes three-dimensional. Our minds gain insight and understanding, our hearts are touched, and our bodies experience the energies of the types. And when we express our own experiences and sacred narratives on a panel, we can more easily recognize our shared humanity. 

The Enneagram allows us to identify the obstacles to spiritual experience for each type so we can understand and experience our habits of thinking, feeling and behaving. As we learn to recognize, soften and relax these automatic patterns, we experience more freedom. 

Our Approach to Spirituality

The Enneagram system is a universal map, useful to anyone, regardless of individual beliefs. The Narrative Enneagram respects all spiritual paths and traditions and is grounded in sound psychological and spiritual knowledge.

Gentle self-observation, aided by our chosen spiritual practice and a practical knowledge of the Enneagram, can help us recognize, accept and let go of our reactivity, and become more fully present to ourselves, others and Spirit.

core values summary chart

More About Our Commitment

Our Values
The Deepening Spiritual Awareness program helped bring a needed focus to my spiritual exploration. In particular, the attention paid to the concepts of grounded presence and receptivity emphasized for me the importance of being more fully present to life, which has allowed me to develop a deeper compassion for myself and for others. My spiritual inquiry continues, and I am so grateful to have the Enneagram alongside me on this journey.
Phyllis Miller
Certified Teacher
The Enneagram has been an answer to prayer for me.
Thanks to the understanding it has given me, I am able to be 
more present to God, compassionate with myself, and helpful
 to my directees.
Bernie Van Dort
Spiritual Director
In my work with the people who name and honor their lives
 as sacred, the Enneagram has been an invaluable tool as it
 deepens awareness of specific patterns that lull us to sleep 
to our lives. No spiritual experience is possible in this state 
of automatic. Waking up to responsible choice, becoming
 receptive, allows us to live our prayer.
Sandra Smith, M. Div.
Narrative Enneagram Certified Teacher and Retreat Facilitator