Code of Ethics

A Safe Space for All

At the beginning of each course, we establish a shared foundation by discussing:

This work can be exciting, emotional and challenging, and we all learn and experience it at a different pace. We invite current and prospective students to bring intention, awareness and receptivity into the learning space (in person and online).

Guidelines for Optimal Learning

  • Seek to be centered and grounded in the present moment.
  • Invite an open, receptive, compassionate heart.
  • Be as open, receptive and non-judging as possible.
  • Cultivate curiosity.
  • Offer your full attention and commitment to the process of learning.

Our Code of Ethics

Creating a Safe and Inclusive Learning Environment

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An advantage of the Narrative Tradition state of mind is that it favors dialogue. This method is a reminder that what we think we know can be modified by the minute as life unfolds. It also allows us to develop receptivity, a quality that is often discredited, forgetting that the pertinence of action comes from the receptivity to what is. The Narrative Tradition is a method to dig deeper, below and beyond.
Claudine Prune
Certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher ('05)