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Get to know Brooke, Rachel, Ebony, Ben and Tom below to see what programs we recommend based on each of their learning goals, professional background and more.

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Meet Brooke.

Writer, newer to Enneagram

Brooke has learned a bit about the Enneagram recently from friends and family. As a writer, they are interested to see how better understanding the types would enhance the creative process. They feel fairly confident in their typing but don’t know where to go next. Brooke want some structure and community to support their learning and would love to learn more about how this could help with topics like creativity, communication styles, relationships and navigating the world. They prefer to spend as little as possible to see if the tool would be useful in their personal and creative life.

A woman with long red hair, fair skin, and a friendly smile

Meet Rachel.

Therapist, mom

Rachel is a therapist of 10 years and mom of two who primarily works with clients online. She is interested in bringing the Enneagram into her practice to help with her client work. Rachel has the financial means to invest in the next step in her career and believes the Enneagram is worth the investment to impact the lives of her clients. With young kids, travel for in-person programs is not an ideal option. She prefers something online with live instruction and a community feel. 

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Meet Ebony.

Spiritual director/advisor

Ebony will soon become a spiritual director. She’s interested in formalizing her Enneagram knowledge to help foster transformation with her clients as well as support her evolving leadership role. Ebony is confident that formal Enneagram training would qualify for professional development reimbursement, and an online program would fit well between meeting with clients. She’s excited to start her training and wants to take her time with the material so she can integrate the personal, professional and leadership skills she’s acquiring in this transition.

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Meet Ben.

Marketing professional, possible future coach

Ben is a marketing professional. He has felt the tremendous impact of the Enneagram on his life over the past few years and wants to formalize his interest into some sort of experiential training with other Enneagram enthusiasts. He’s thought about becoming an executive coach and may pursue coaching certification in the future. Ben has some money to spend but still has some student debt to prioritize. Once he’s explored more, he might ask his manager for professional development reimbursement. He’s willing to travel though likes the convenience of something online with live instruction on the evenings or weekends.

portrait of older man with gray hair and glasses giving a pensive smile

Meet Tom.

Semi-retired, lifelong student, grandfather

Tom is a semi-retired nonprofit coordinator. After using the Enneagram for many years in his personal life, he’s looking for a community of practice to support his spiritual and personal development. He’s especially interested in deepening his intuition and continuing to develop his meditation practice. Tom prefers to meet in person for the community aspect, though he’s also comfortable with online events. Since he’s reduced his work hours and income, he’s not willing to invest a lot, but would choose to spend a bit more for the right experience.