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The Narrative Enneagram offers a variety of classes and events for students of all levels. Choose between live online or in-person instruction from expert teachers for the most interactive, immersive learning experience.

Grounded in the Narrative Tradition, all of our programs bring the Enneagram to life through panelists who generously share personal stories and insights from their lives. Our teachers facilitate a compassionate and safe space to experience the true depth of the Enneagram that encourages deep, holistic learning through the mind, heart and body.

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Whether you're looking to get trained or just want to learn more, this might be for you! I'm on my third class for the certification process, and their method really turns traditional learning on its head. You're not just having information thrown at you - instead you're learning from real people's life experience of their type. It's great!
Dayo Ajanaku
Current Student & Creator of @theblackenneagram
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