Three Centers of Intelligence

Three Centers of Intelligence

Each Enneagram type has a home base in one of the three centers of intelligence – head, heart or body – that shapes our way of being in the world. While everyone experiences all three, each personality type has a particular strength in one of them. This primary center is a key to overcoming blind spots, developing our potential and improving our relationships. Balancing the three centers helps us achieve a more balanced life.

body center

Body Center (8,9,1)

The Instinctual Center: Body-based types lead with the body for movement, sensate awareness and gut-level knowing. Their focus is on personal security, control, social belonging and taking right action.

heart center

Heart Center (2,3,4)

The Emotional Center: Feeling-based types lead with the heart, perceiving the world through emotional intelligence and creating a positive self-image. Their focus is on connection, love, approval and recognition.

head center

Head Center (5,6,7)

The Intellectual Center: Thinking-based types lead with ideas, gathering information, figuring things out and rational decision-making before acting. Their focus is on creating certainty and safety, or finding multiple options.