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An Inside Job

Learning about ourselves using the Enneagram is what we call an “inside job.” That means no one else can tell us our type based on our behavior, even those closest to us. We need to observe our own inner motivations and worldview as we explore the possibilities. The first step is to discover our own type.

The Enneagram is a dynamic personalty system that illuminates nine unique and distinct patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. Our type determines what we pay attention to and how we direct our energy.

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What Will Identifying My Type Do for Me?

Discovering your Enneagram personality type can help you:

  • Learn how to bring positive change into your life
  • Improve the way you relate to yourself and others
  • Gain greater understanding of the circumstances and issues facing you

We outline ways to get started below. Some may identify their type almost immediately. For others, it can take more time. We encourage you to be compassionate with yourself and make use of the many resources we offer in your journey.

Explore the Distinctions Between Types

As you learn the Enneagram system, you may need clarity on the similarities and differences between types. In our statistically validated Enneagram Test results, we share other possible types for you to explore. The Enneagram is an extremely dynamic system. Our personality evolves based on our life experiences, but our core type remains the same over our lifetime. Exploring type comparisons can be a useful way to deepen your understanding and discover your type.

  • Step 1

    Take Our Online Enneagram Test

    Dive in to our scientifically validated, paragraph-based and user-friendly online test, and save your login information to repeat it at any time.

  • Step 2

    Tour the Nine Types

    Watch video clips for each type and find a description including the focus of attention, life lesson, somatic patterns and tips for relating to that type.

  • Step 3

    Review Type Comparisons

    Often, two types look alike because they share key personality traits and/or behaviors. If you are unsure of your type, it’s helpful to look at both the similarities and the distinguishing features that set them apart.

Watch On-Demand: The Narrative Enneagram and the Nine Types with Renée Rosario

On your own schedule, at your own space

This 4-part program, a great introduction to the Narrative method, includes an overview of the Enneagram and interviews of panelists representing each of the three Centers of Intelligence – head, heart and body.

More Resources to Help Discover Your Type

  • Still not sure?

    Schedule a Personal Typing Interview

    If you are still unclear about your type, consider a personal typing interview with one of our highly trained Certified Narrative Enneagram Teachers or Practitioners.

  • Our Foundational Courses

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    Our Foundational Courses will immerse you in the experiential Narrative Enneagram panel method and are an ideal, in-depth introduction to the Enneagram.

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