Distinctives of the Narrative Tradition

April 3, 2024 | By TNE

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What makes The Narrative Enneagram unique among Enneagram schools and training programs?

People often ask what is distinctive about The Narrative Enneagram and how we teach the Enneagram system.

In addition to our 35-year history and the honor of being named the first ever International Enneagram Association’s Accredited School with Distinction, there are 7 distinctives that provide the foundation for everything we do.

Distinctives of the Narrative Tradition

Centering Experience

In addition to teaching historical and innovative Enneagram theory, we center people’s lived experiences as authoritative, particularly expressed through the use of panels and typing interviews.


We teach that Enneagram type is determined by motivation rather than behavior and that knowing our type is inner work so that each person is responsible for determining their own type; we do not type others.

Honoring Diverse Perspectives

With a deep commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, we challenge learners to recognize the impact of cultural and social contexts in which the Enneagram is taught and described, in order to make this system more expansive and accessible for all people.

Appreciation of Types

We appreciate and value the necessity of all nine type structures, which offer gifts as well as challenges, and so we meet each person where they are with compassion.

Group Transformation

We recognize that transformation comes through the group working together in a generous, compassionate field between and among participants so that all participants can share their experiences and deepen their understanding.

Three-Centered Learning

We engage all three centers in learning – head, heart, and body – bringing concepts and ideas into the inner experience through self-awareness, kindness to self, and somatic practice.

Path to Growth

We engage the three perspectives of psychology, spirituality, and somatics as the path to growth and the full integration of learning.


Join us at an upcoming program to experience these distinctives in action. We’d love to see you soon!

The Narrative Tradition

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