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The Narrative Enneagram - Joyce Plaza
2019: Building on Our Connections for a Sustainable Future
Joyce Plaza |Aug 16, 2019

In November 2018, key stakeholders (Board of Directors, Core Faculty and staff) began laying the foundational work to create a strategic road map for The Narrative Enneagram (TNE). The process began with interviews with all members of the board, faculty and staff, planning by members of the board’s Executive Committee, and six work groups that included representatives from each stakeholder category.

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The Narrative Enneagram - Sheryl Cohen, PhD
2018: The Year of Connections
Sheryl Cohen, PhD |Aug 16, 2019

IN OUR INAUGURAL YEAR operating as The Narrative Enneagram (TNE), we engaged in the voluminous tasks and processes that a new nonprofit organization requires following the merger of two sisternonprofits – Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition (ESNT) and Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition (EANT).

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