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The Narrative Enneagram - Joyce Plaza
Zooming the Narrative Way: Socially Separated, Spiritually Connected
Joyce Plaza |May 25, 2020

I recently read a news analysis in the New York Times titled “Why Zoom is Terrible.”  Author Kate Murphy’s message asserts that video meeting applications, although necessary today, can make you feel awkward, and that video conferencing makes you feel isolated and anxious. She argues that images are blotchy and blurring, audio is out-of-sync with the video, and “video chats have been shown to inhibit ‘trust’ because we can’t look one another in the eye.”

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The Narrative Enneagram - TNE Board of Directors
Polly Cherner – In Memorium (1951-2020)
TNE Board of Directors |May 24, 2020

The Narrative Enneagram Community lost a beloved friend and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area on February 7, 2020, when Polly Cherner passed away in her San Anselmo home following a brief illness. Polly loved teaching the Enneagram. After becoming a Certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher in 2005, she hosted monthly Enneagram Panel Evenings, well attended across generations, in her hillside home and offered ongoing groups and classes for many. 

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