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Ed Self
Executive Director

I am thrilled to serve as Executive Director for The Narrative Enneagram! I first studied the Enneagram more than 20 years ago as part of the Ridhwan School Diamond Heart Training from 1992-2005 and continue to apply its guidance in my personal and professional life.
Prior to TNE, I founded Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV), Boulder, CO, in 1999 and served as its Executive Director for 19 years. WRV grew to be one of the largest and most successful outdoor volunteer stewardship nonprofits in the U.S. and I left it in good hands after a carefully planned year-long transition.
I resonate powerfully with TNE's core values and mission focused on transforming lives and creating a more compassionate world. This aspiration was always at the heart of the culture, values and work of WRV. We used our work healing the land as a context in which to foster personal healing, community, empowerment and transformative experiences. I’m excited about the opportunity to support TNE’s work that more overtly cultivates self-awareness and empathy to foster better communication and collaboration across generations, ideologies and cultures.
I have a Masters in Volunteer Program Management and Environmental Education, and formal training in nonprofit executive leadership, bringing extensive experience in organizational development, program and project management, strategic planning, team building, coalition building, funds development, event planning, process improvement, and community organizing.  I live in Boulder, CO, with my wife and son, enjoying numerous outdoor activities, gardening, travel, deep conversations and potlucks with friends.

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Satoya Foster
Program Coordinator & Registrar

After encountering the Enneagram a few years ago, I jumped in head first and never looked back. The Enneagram has played a transformational role in my life, allowing the insight I needed to cultivate compassion for myself and others. This is the mission that drives my desire to serve TNE and the Enneagram community.

I graduated with a Master's degree in Ministry from Richmont Graduate University with the MSM cohort. I have a passion for facilitating ways for others to be empowered to grow, embody their personal process, and engage in authentic connection with other humans. I am also a professional vocalist, writer and trauma-recovery advocate. You can find out more at www.satoyafoster.com.

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Pat O’Hanrahan
Database Manager, Membership and Internship Coordinator

Pat has been working with the ESNT database and providing onsite support for the EPTP in California for the past 10 years. She began her Enneagram studies in 1978 in Berkeley, CA, and was the host for many of the first public classes in her role as studio and office manager for the Center for Human Growth, 1977-1989. She has been dedicated to the Enneagram work since those early days, and has organized panels for many Enneagram Narrative trainings and workshop series over the past 34 years. She is a Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition, and a Typing Coach, also offering Enneagram consultations, individual typing interviews and study sessions.

Pat has been committed to transpersonal psychology and holistic health since 1976, when she began her training in tai chi, dance, yoga, meditation, peer counseling and bioenergetic bodywork, plus intuition studies with Helen Palmer. She is married to Peter O’Hanrahan, and they’ve raised their three children in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pat and Peter continue to host Enneagram study groups and workshops in their home. Richmond, CA. www.enneagramtypinginterviews.com

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Nyree Hubbell
Accounting and Finance Manager

Since I was introduced to the Enneagram a little over a year ago, I have become fascinated with it. As an Enneagram Type 9, I resonate deeply with TNE’s mission to create a more compassionate world. I am a Certified Public Accountant and hold a BS in Accounting from the University of Houston – Clear Lake.

In addition to my role at TNE, I also have my own accounting practice where I provide tax, consulting and financial services. I live in Westminster, CO with my wonderful husband and our loving German Shepherd, Max. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring Colorado, snowboarding, traveling, scrapbooking and tackling my bucket list.

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Julia Lemke
Marketing Director

I am delighted to be part of the incredible TNE team as Marketing Director. As a strategic creative who cherishes the depth of the Enneagram, I feel honored to merge my passions and bring to this role my creativity and expertise in storytelling, branding, communications, marketing, PR, writing, graphic design, strategy and analytics. Prior to TNE, I aided in the growth of some of Southern California's most exciting small businesses. Before moving to the West Coast, I worked at one of the largest universities in the country, Michigan State University, where I also earned my master’s degree in Strategic Communication.

A longtime friend introduced me to the Enneagram years ago and it transformed my world. I always loved psychology, personality and personal growth, but the Enneagram put words to motivations, revealing more than any other tool I encountered over the years. The Enneagram is a living, breathing system that every day continues to intrigue me and have a profound impact on my life. In 2020, I began working toward IEA AP certification.

Through integrity, authenticity, empathy and humor, I love to find ways to nurture connections and create a more compassionate, inclusive world around me. Originally from Michigan, I currently live in San Diego with my partner and our two cats, where I play piano, teach piano lessons, write, read, and enjoy really good coffee, food and conversations. To see more of my work, visit www.juliapaigelemke.com.

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Sarah Duet
Social Media Manager

I am an artist and communicator who is deeply interested in who we are, how we’re connected, and why it matters. I have studied the Enneagram for more than 10 years and am currently a candidate for certification as a Teacher in the Narrative Tradition.

In addition to teaching Enneagram workshops and my work with individual clients, I am a graphic designer and singer-songwriter based in the Shreveport, LA, area. I graduated from Centenary College of Louisiana in 2011 with a BA in Communications, focusing on New Media. You can learn more about who I am and what I do at sarahduet.com.

Evangeline Welch
Communications Advisor & Creative Consultant

I have worked as a self-employed communications consultant since 1988. As co-founders of Intuitive Leaps Creative Services, my business partner Jo Anne Smith and I provide branding, strategic marketing and group facilitation for people and organizations making a difference in the world. We share a passion for meaningful collaboration, powerful presence, storytelling and authentic self-expression.

I joined TNE as marketing director and webmaster in 2005, and have served as the editor of TALK, the member newsletter, since 2014. I started my career as a professional communicator working as a reporter for a daily newspaper. Before starting my own business, I served as the editor and art director at San Francisco Business magazine, and manager of communications for the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and Shreveport Chamber of Commerce.

In 1997, I founded a transformational art process that evokes deep play called Paint Dancing. This led me to dauntlessly get over a fear of public speaking and becoming a facilitator for Speaking Circles International, Relational Presence and Inner Journey Seminars. My vision is to inspire others to nurture their creative spirits and to deepen their awareness of the power of intuition in their personal lives and work. I have facilitated numerous workshops on the Enneagram, creativity, expressive arts and intuitive body wisdom. After spending nearly 30 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, I returned to my hometown, Shreveport, LA, in 2015, where I have started offering Enneagram programs for nonprofit organizations. www.intuitiveleaps.com

Jo Anne Smith
Creative Consultant

Evangeline Welch and I connected in Speaking Circles® in the early 2000s and soon discovered that we shared a dedication to collaboration, storytelling, genuine presence, and excellent writing and editing. Building on our complementary histories in communications, we founded Intuitive Leaps Creative to offer website design, content development and editing, and group facilitation for individuals and nonprofits.

My introduction to the Narrative Enneagram came in 2005 when Evangeline joined TNE as marketing director. As her business partner, I also came aboard as unofficial editor, designer, website manager and all-around marketing support person. This allowed me to take a deep dive into the Enneagram and to work with the knowledgeable, graceful and generous faculty and staff. The Narrative Enneagram, as well as my background as a facilitator and speaker, informs and inspires my other work leading online Elderhood, storytelling and pandemic support circles.

I’ve always valued variety in my professional life. Over the years I’ve served as executive director and Certified Facilitator for Speaking Circles International, associate producer on award-winning educational videos and multimedia, legal assistant, grief and suicide prevention counselor, meditation teacher and ordained minister at the Center for Soulful Living.

I work in the San Francisco Bay Area and the ethers of the Internet. www.intuitiveleaps.com