Experiencing the Narrative Enneagram

Aug 4-6, 2023
Menlo Park, CA
Experiencing the Narrative Enneagram

Experiencing the Narrative Enneagram

Aug 4-6, 2023


Our signature Experiencing the Narrative Enneagram offers a deep, transformative experience to practice integrating the head, heart and body centers of intelligence.

ONLINE registrations only after July 31.

Through teachings, practices and expertly facilitated panel interviews, we bring together the psychology (the “basic proposition”), spirituality (self-reflection) and somatics (body awareness) of each of the nine types. Experiential and holistic, students witness the power of the Narrative Enneagram method to transform.

“Being part of a Narrative audience builds compassionate presence. By listening to others in a compassionate way, we begin to open ourselves. The room gets quiet, a palpable presence pervades the space, and something shifts. In that movement we extend beyond our limited awareness – not just cognitively, but also emotionally and somatically – to obtain (for a moment, at least) a glimpse of the greater reality of existence.” – Terry Saracino, Core Faculty Member

  • Students will:
  • – Experience each of the types through participant sharing on panels
  • – Learn how the Enneagram can support your growth, relationships, work and spiritual life
  • – Heighten acceptance of yourself and others through understanding the Basic Proposition and the resulting mental, emotional and energetic patterns of each personality type
  • – Experience the integration of psychological, spiritual, and somatic modalities
  • ​​- Deepen your understanding of the Enneagram as a powerful model of human experience
  • – Acquire observational practices and skills to further your personal development

  • Includes: 
  • – Three days of live teachings and practices
  • – 52-page workbook
  • – Helen Palmer Morning Meditation recordings

  • Schedule & Location:
  • HYBRID: Online registrations only after July 31.
  • Friday, August 4, 10 am – Sunday, August 6, 5pm Pacific
  • Check your local time


  • Tuition:
  • Standard Registration: $650
  • Early Bird Registration through June 1: $590

  • On Site Fees:
  • Single Room Aug 4-5 (Two Nights) 3 meals each day. Aug 6 Breakfast/Lunch: $600
  • Double Room Aug 4-5 (Two Nights) 3 meals each day. Aug 6 Breakfast/Lunch: $540
  • Commuter Aug 4-6 Lunch is included each day: $285
  • Extra Night before or after (no meals): $135

  • Things to Know:
  • Attendance: This is a live program. Please plan on being present for the entirety of this event whether you are participating in person or via Zoom.
  • Credits: CCE credits are available for this event for $50; after class begins $75
  • Technical Requirements for Zoom: You will need a computer with internet access to participate in this program. Headphones are optional, but may be necessary.

  • Transfers/Cancellations:
  • Final day to transfer: July 1, 2023
  • Final day to cancel and receive a partial refund: June 15, 2023

ONLINE registrations only after July 31.

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Vallombrosa Center (includes remotely via Zoom)
250 Oak Grove Ave.
Menlo Park, CA


Early Bird Registration $590
Standard Registration $650


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