Building Better Relationships

Oct 15-16, 2022
Building Better Relationships

Building Better Relationships

Oct 15-16, 2022


Building Better Relationships

with Peter O’Hanrahan

The Enneagram is a powerful method to understand ourselves and the people in our lives. Since being developed as a psychological system in California in the 1970’s, it’s now used by people all over the world to create better relationships at home and at work. This system of nine personality types is used in families, organizations, psychotherapy and coaching work to develop emotional intelligence and more effective communication.

No one can be reduced to a number and each person has a unique essential self. But personality comes with patterns – patterns of mind, heart and body – which create both strengths and challenges in our relationships. The enneagram provides specific ways to have more successful relationships with different kinds of people – what we need to know, and what we need to do, to open our hearts and respond with more insight and empathy.

In this weekend workshop we will explore:

  • How love is expressed in three centers: body, heart and mind.
  • The nine communication styles – not only what we say but how we say it with our body language and emotional tone.
  • How to respond to the underlying concerns and issues of each personality type.
  • The importance of vulnerability and how our personality defenses get in the way.
  • How to manage our internal state and reduce reactivity with awareness and breath.

The format will include presentations, panel interviews with participants, small group work and guided exercises. Please join us for an engaging, fun, and moving experience that will help you become more caring, graceful and effective in all your relationships.

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