In Loving Memory of Tracy Colina

February 13, 2019 | By Terry Saracino

Tracy was also a co-founder of the Enneagram Center of the Ohio Valley, a thriving nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a more compassionate world through the Narrative Enneagram.   

She will be particularly missed as a member of a longtime Learning Community in Dayton, OH. As news of her death spread through our community, her goodness, kindness and tender, loving spirit were recalled over and over again. Her playful humor, on particular display as she danced with abandon, top hat in hand, is a memory indelibly imprinted in many of our hearts.  

As I remember Tracy, my heart is filled with her gentle and loving presence. I’m grateful for her more than 20 years of dedication and care for the Enneagram and our organization. May she now be free to dance her heart out in the way beyond.

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Jane Connolly says

Tracy was a presenter at one of the very first Enneagram workshops I attended in Cincinnati. I was so taken with her easy wisdom and charm. MY heart goes out to all who knew and loved her.

Pat O'Hanrahan says

Knowing Tracy for many years from all that she did to organize the Enneagram workshops, registrations, and our interactions virtually, and over the phone… one of the few times we met in person, at Asilomar for a Narrative conference, I was struck by her grounded sweet presence and fondly remember her deep, guileless and caring voice with a touch of knowing humor and lovely laugh. She had a bountiful heart and was full of service to those in need – and she was a beloved organizer, friend and support to the ECOV community. Tracy so loved her family Gene and Corinne, and their kitties. Love is the light, shine on…

Debra Janison says

Tracy and I went through the EPTP together. As you all know, that’s quite the bond. I’m so sad to learn of her passing.

Theresa Abbott Gale says

Tracy was the lifeblood of the Bergamo community for years and I so enjoyed her spirit and fun energy – especially her dancing and Michael Jackson impression. She helped me a few times with wise counsel on working with my mother who is a 4. I also loved Gene being part of the 8 group and seeing the two of them together. I pray that Tracy is dancing on the stars and free at last and that her family know and feel her presence near to them always.

Kerry O'Donnell says

I felt warm-hearted compassion whenever I was in Tracy’s presence. She was open, kind, receptive, and very welcoming of me in the Bergamo community. Tracy was a strong advocate for what she believed in, and I admired her ability to remain all heart when taking a stand or expressing her opinion. Most of all I remember her beautiful soft big brown eyes as an expression of how accepting she was and how accepted I felt. I will miss her presence at Bergamo and remember her fondly. With much love, Kerry

Laurie Krotman says

Tracy’s warmth and gentleness will always be with me. She provided a steadiness and caring presence that helped us all navigate our journey. She was a welcoming, kind and generous human being at so many Enneagram events and she will be missed.

Leslie Hershberger says

When I first learned the Enneagram at a Cincinnati Tom Condon workshop in the 90s, I was rattled by the experience. Tracy was one of the people who was kind to me and held a welcoming, encouraging space. When I decided I wanted to train to teach the Enneagram, she was the person I called. There was no internet at the time and she told me all about the Narrative Tradition and suggested I train with Helen and David. It changed my life and I will always be in her debt for helping me chart this course.

Our daughters were the same age and we checked in often about our girls. It was encouraging to know someone who did Enneagram work as a mom. We formed a 1-4-7 Harmony Triad group with Kate and Lynda and we mostly laughed when we got together at each of our homes.

One of my favorite memories of her was teaching a 6 week class with her on the Enneagram, family systems and the genogram. She was a mentor who made this helpful material accessible and relatable for me and our students. We all learned so much as we uncovered patterns in our family system and discovered how our Enneagram patterns adapted within our families. I still have all my notes.

When I first started coming to the Bergamo Learning Community in the early 2000s, I was intimidated by everyone and she was understanding, warm and welcoming. As the years went on, our final night at Bergamo morphed into a dance party and we could count on Tracy to dance. We used to play Michael Jackson as part of our repertoire. One night, she started dancing to Billie Jean and the rest is history. The next Bergamo, she brought The Hat and did a mean MJ dance in the middle of our circle. We began to take turns wearing the hat while dancing. It became a staple of our dance night.

This weekend, we will dance this Bergamo in memory of our friend. She remains in our hearts and I am grateful for her presence in our community.

Santikaro says

Tracy, her warmth, and her humor were a supportive pleasure as my involvement with Helen & David, EPTP, and the association kicked off and grew in the late 90s. I had the joy of encountering her both at Vallambrosa and Bergamo. She made my particular logistical issues easier and exemplified the kindness that drew me to plunge in with Helen & David’s circle of students and their work. Thanks Tracy.

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