Inaugural Campaign to Support the Narrative Tradition

December 2, 2014 | By Terry Saracino

Developed by Helen Palmer and David Daniels in 1988, the EPTP has trained more than 3,000 people from 15 countries, and certified more than 1,000 to teach in the Narrative Tradition. Thousands of others have taken courses from our Core Faculty and certified teachers all over the world.

Until 2003, Helen and David ran this program out of their homes. The responsibility for the work was then held in various entities, culminating in 2011 with the formation of an educational nonprofit (ESNT) as the container for this teaching. At that time, Helen and David generously donated the intellectual property of the EPTP to ESNT. The two primary reasons for the nonprofit format were to assure that the Narrative Tradition would remain in the public domain for the benefit of all, and to allow the larger community to directly support the development of this work in the future.

We have heard from many of you during the years that your lives have been significantly changed by this work, and that you want to give back to the organization. You may remember a time from one of your own trainings when the room got quiet, you could feel a palpable field of support in the room, and something shifted, either in you or the person sharing on the panel. Our goal – summarized in our tagline, “Transforming lives. Creating a more compassionate world.” – is an experience that happens over and over again in our trainings. 

Since its creation, ESNT has worked steadily to develop the infrastructure necessary to support a professional, global training program at the highest standard of excellence. In 2014, we launched a new website that provides more than 50 videos and a much richer array of online information about the Enneagram types and the Narrative Tradition. It also features an interactive calendar and a locator function for Certified Teachers.

Our revised Enneagram Narrative Curriculum now offers a track for practitioners who work one-on-one with clients, as well as expanded training for those who want to teach the Enneagram using the panel method.

ESNT has achieved all this with the help of a benefactor who provided the seed money to make these changes possible. Training fees and income from the sale of educational and teaching materials cover only 80% of expenses. The remaining 20% must be met by other sources of income. Now that the infrastructure is functioning well and these major changes have been accomplished, the organization is ready to expand its leadership and donor base. A newly enlarged Board of Directors has approved an inaugural five-year campaign to increase donations from supportive individuals and organizations.

We fervently believe that the legacies of Helen and David, and the work of ESNT, are making a vital contribution to the transformation of consciousness that the world so desperately needs. We hope you agree. Please click here to join the growing roster of individuals and organizations who have already donated to our campaign. Your participation is greatly appreciated by ESNT and the community we serve.

In the spirit of the Narrative Tradition, please feel free to email any of the members of the Development Committee if you have any questions. We’d be happy to share with you why each of us is so committed to this effort. 

Respectfully yours,
Terry Saracino
Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition

The ESNT Development Committee:

Lesley Bradstreet
Rick Bradstreet
Debbie Burditt
Gerry Fathauer
Laurie Krotman
Paul Strasburg 

Make an online donation or download a donation form.

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