The Power of the Narrative Enneagram Community

November 27, 2023 | By Erlina Edwards

Giving Tuesday 2023 Graphic sharing photos over the years of The Narrative Enneagram

This month marks 35 years for The Narrative Enneagram! I’m in awe of the incredible power of the Enneagram to transform thousands of lives over decades and across cultures. If you’re getting this letter, I know you’ve also experienced the life-changing impacts of the Enneagram firsthand.

This milestone has called me into my own time of reflection. Since I began work with the Enneagram in 1998, my worldview has changed dramatically, especially my relational skills. The Enneagram has taught me how to make space for others, value grounded presence, love my body, and realize we all have different life experiences. I am more open, curious, compassionate, competent, and caring.

What about you? How has the Enneagram transformed your life? Is there a particularly powerful moment that stands out to you?

I’m so grateful to be a part of this community alongside generous donors like you. With your help, we’re able to offer scholarships so more people can experience the power of the Enneagram. Here’s what our scholarship students wanted to share with you:

“I am truly changed from this incredible course. I can’t wait to bring the wisdom of the Enneagram to my underserved clients, and I could not have done this without the generosity of the scholarship.”

“This opportunity is filling me up with such joy, wonder, compassion for our fellow humans and I hope that all this knowledge is making me a better, whole, compassionate, and understanding person. [I am putting] together a business plan to work for myself and to bring the Enneagram to my local community and to those who may not have the opportunity to pursue personal development and growth.”

“I want to apply knowledge in my immigrant community. People are struggling with issues that they could avoid or face knowledgeably just by knowing their type.”

Thank you for making these stories possible. As we look to 2024 and beyond, we envision a future where The Narrative Enneagram is even more accessible and inclusive. We need your help to make that happen. Your gift today will help us:

  • Provide more scholarships for students who need financial assistance with an emphasis on supporting those from marginalized communities
  • Continue to utilize our enhanced technology to provide more ways to engage with Enneagram content and connect with each other in community
  • Debut our updated educational curriculum and materials – this includes a new on-demand learning option, updated course workbooks, and more!

Will you join us in transforming lives and creating a more compassionate world? To make your tax-deductible gift today, you may mail a check to PO Box 4114, Boulder, CO 80306 or give online.

Your gift of any amount will make a difference. Thank you for being an important part of this community.

With gratitude,

Erlina Edwards
Executive Director
The Narrative Enneagram




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