Teaching the Enneagram

Since 1988, we have certified more than 1,000 Enneagram teachers in the Narrative Tradition. More than 2,000 others from a wide range of backgrounds have attended the Enneagram Professional Training Program for their own personal and professional development in 15 countries worldwide.


If you are called to join us in transforming lives and creating a more compassionate world, the first step is the Narrative Enneagram Core Program, which lays the groundwork for becoming proficient as an Narrative Enneagram Teacher.

The next step is the Narrative Enneagram Teachers certification track of the Enneagram Professional Training Program, beginning with the Typing Process, where you’ll learn and practice how to:

  • Conduct typing interviews to help others determine their type
  • Differentiate one type from another
  • Observe non-verbal aspects of type
  • See your own type bias

You’ll then move on to a three-day, hands-on Teacher Training course where you’ll learn and practice:

  • Panel interviewing and presentation skills
  • Self assessment of your own strengths and growth areas
  • Body awareness and centering practices

The final step is Internship and Certification, which provides a supportive structure for gaining additional practice as an Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition.

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“The training weeks were challenging, yet immensely rewarding. The program revitalized our already enduring relationship, increasing understanding and compassion for habitual behaviors. Our only sadness is that NO words can do justice to what we experienced. A truly watershed adventure!”

I.R. and H.L., business consultants

“The training was a huge turning point for me. The experience clarified and deepened the self-awareness I had been working toward for some time. I was able to see others and myself in a far more realistic and compassionate way. Even better, I learned how to combine this awareness with relaxation techniques from my meditation practice. I actually changed.”

T.B., attorney