A Call to Action: Striving to Create a More Inclusive Culture

June 4, 2020 | By TNE Board of Directors

At its core, the Enneagram is about inner work: awareness, reflection and practice to create spaciousness for understanding, and a deep examination about who we are and what is possible. The Enneagram offers one map, among many, to illuminate the inherent good in each human as we strive to be in relationship with one another. 
What is happening here in the United States, where The Narrative Enneagram (TNE) is based, represents a continued call to action. Within the pain, tragedy and outrage lies an invitation for us to commit again and again to be in community with one another, consciously honoring human dignity. It is imperative that we work to transform the toxic views and behaviors that feed racism and other forms of egregious injustice and hatred. We also must address the harsh reality that we live in a culture of oppression stemming from the very origins of our nation, which has continued relentlessly throughout history.
TNE’s core values – self-awareness, integrity, transparency, personal transformation, commitment to working out differences and generosity of spirit – create a community in which all are welcome and included. We reinforce this commitment as an organization of individuals who are striving to learn behavior that fosters inclusion and equity, and unlearn systems of exclusion and bias that privilege some to the exclusion of many. All of us do some of this well, and all of us have opportunities to do better. We recognize this is a lifelong journey.
As such, TNE strives to create an experience in which our programs, processes and participation integrate the values of inclusion. We will offer new online programming in the coming months as one way to continue the work. We value the diverse perspectives represented on our current Board, Staff and Faculty, and will continue to invite those with distinct voices and perspectives. 
Becoming an inclusive culture not only takes time and conscious, emotional labor, but most of all, a genuine intent and openness to materialize results. Our efforts will pay dividends, both in depth and understanding, and in continued success in expanding and deepening the Enneagram community.
TNE also will make a donation to organizations working to counter racism and other inequities, locally or nationally, in support of building a more just and compassionate world. Watch for more details coming soon. 
With compassion, 
TNE Board, Faculty and Staff
Mike Alexander, Evan Barbee, Sheryl Cohen, Christopher T. Copeland, Allison DeHart, Sarah Duet, Satoya Foster, Felicia Lee, Marion Gilbert, Pat O’Hanrahan, Peter O’Hanrahan, Helen Palmer, Joyce Plaza, Renée Rosario, Terry Saracino, Martha Scherzer, Ed Self, Jo Anne Smith, Kirsty Spence, Monica Tinoco, Laura Vaughan, Brian Vent and Evangeline Welch

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Rev.Erika Forbes says

As a black woman in America I came to learn and know about the ennagram two years ago and it has transformed my life. I truly believe the ennagram could shift so much for African Americans. I am on a quest to find ways to train at a deeper level on the ennagram and then take it to black people who are ready to hear and heal. I came to discover the tool via a all white portal and as I have searched for teachers that are black I have discovered there are few. Is there anything planned to help address this? Is there any scholarship money available for a black woman to take the rich classes so that I can then share with others and give them the chance to see themselves through this healing lens?
Thank you,
Rev.Erika Forbes

Debra Janison says

It seems to me that the Enneagram and especially the narrative tradition offer an amazing opportunity for bringing people to a safe common space to explore racial divisions. We have more in common than we think through the lense of the nine types. How can we open up this dialogue in truly fruitful ways?

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