The Minneapolis Trial Verdict & Our Continued Commitment to Healing Racial Divisions

April 23, 2021 | By TNE

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As we process and experience a wide range of human emotions about the verdict from the trial of ex-police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, we choose to honor our emotions with a “both/and” perspective. We know that if justice was really served, George Floyd would still be alive. We also witnessed an historic act of accountability that ushers in some semblance of hope that we will never return to the exact world George Floyd experienced. Still, we hold our sorrow and grief that the bar of expectation is set so low. Today’s world remains leaps and bounds from safe and just for BIPOC and marginalized populations all over the country — as is evidenced by the fatal police shootings of Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo, Ma’Khia Bryant and at least 61 others since the trial began on March 29 (NY Times).

mural in Minneapolis of George Floyd with flowers and BLM signs on the sidewalk

As the word “normal” surges back into our vocabulary, we intend to keep our minds, hearts and bodies rooted in the ways we can continue to sustain our collective actions to heal a world plagued by harmful rhetoric, systemic injustice and historical prejudice. 

At TNE, our actions are top-of-mind in our personal and professional work daily. We are currently:

  • Heading into month five of our transformative Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism training with Dr. Deborah Egerton. This month we explore how the core motivation of our type impacts our judgements, reactivity and how we perceive differences.
  • Undergoing an in depth process with a task force to assess the relevance and sustainability of our core values and how historically, presently and into the future our DEI+ work is in alignment with our core values and everything we do. 
  • Diversifying our stakeholder groups including our Board and Faculty and creating new program offerings by and for diverse voices.
  • Collecting qualitative data and interviewing students on their candid experiences with DEI+ in our programs, among our staff and broader community in the areas of: welcoming and supportive, cultural awareness, anti-racist, diverse, LGBTQIA+ inclusive, gender inclusive and age inclusive. 
  • At the beginning and throughout each of our trainings, incorporating shared language, resources, and trainings-within-our-trainings on the experiences of marginalized groups. 
  • Offering more scholarships than ever before, creating new partnerships/opportunities and feeling honored to be a part of a group of remarkable people invested in this work as a way of life, with all three of our centers: our minds, hearts and bodies. 

We hope you’ll join us by committing to one action for yourself, family or community that honors wherever you are in processing your emotions or becoming a true anti-racist and ally to anyone experiencing discrimination. If you feel inclined to share your action to inspire others in the community, comment or email us at what you intend to do. 

Like engaging with Enneagram, this work is not linear. We believe in the power of this community’s revolution of compassion to ripple through countless lives, industries, neighborhoods and generations — with our shared commitment, transforming lives and creating a more compassionate world, our North Star.



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