Meet Ed Self, Our New Executive Director!

October 3, 2019 | By TNE Board of Directors

Ed studied the Enneagram as part of the Diamond Heart Training at the Ridhwan School from 1992-2005 and continues to use it in his personal and professional life.

He founded Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV), Boulder, CO, in 1999 and served as its Executive Director for 19 years. His experience, dedication and proven track record of success with WRV created one of the largest and most successful outdoor volunteer stewardship nonprofits in the U.S.

“I resonate powerfully with your core values and mission focused on transforming lives and creating a more compassionate world. This aspiration has always been at the heart of the culture, values and work of WRV,” Ed says. “We used our work healing the land as a context in which to foster personal healing, community, empowerment and transformative experiences. I’m excited about the opportunity to do work at TNE that more overtly cultivates self-awareness and empathy to foster better communication and collaboration across generations, ideologies and cultures. The Enneagram is a powerful tool for that!”

Ed has formal training in nonprofit executive leadership and project management. He brings to TNE his extensive experience in organizational development, program and project management, strategic planning, team building, coalition building, funds development, event planning, process improvement, staff coaching, project systems and community organizing. He lives with his wife and son in Boulder, CO.

Please welcome Ed to the TNE Community!

Joyce Plaza, President, Board of Directors
Sheryl Cohen, Chair, Search Committee



Theresa Abbott Gale says

Dear Ed,

Welcome, Welcome!!! It is so glad to have you join our community. May your work be blessed and that you find our community welcoming and receptive to your leadership.

Mary Anne Wampler and I are one of the early folk and we started our business, Transform, Inc., (1996) with a dare from Helen that we couldn’t take the Enneagram into the work place. After 23 years, we are proof that you can and it is very successful!

Hope we meet in the near future,


SO happy to read of such an experienced, value-add contributor and new leader for TNE!
Welcome Ed!

Gerry Fathauer says

Dear Ed,

Congratulations on your appointment as TNE’s new ED! Your leadership credentials and knowledge of the Enneagram will serve our narrative Enneagram community well. Welcome to this vibrant organization!

Paul Strasburg says

Hiring Ed is a significant step forward in TNE’s evolution as a key organization supporting the expansion of consciousness worldwide through the Narrative Enneagram. Congratulations to all!

James Gary Trantham says

Welcome Ed! I am so glad that you have felt called to steward and lead the Narrative Enneagram into its next growth phase and iteration of wisdom sharing with our community and your world culture. I look forward to your catalytic effect on this invaluable organization and community.

Thanks for saying “yes”!

Gary Trantham

Marcia Muller says

Ed, you sound like exactly the right person at exactly the right time to help grow our beloved Narrative Enneagram. Welcome!!

Mary Jo Ruccio says

Welcome Ed to TNE! May your gifts and experience find a welcomeing home in the narrative enneagram community.

Marion Gilbert says

Hi Ed,

Happy to see you join the Narrative Enneagram School as the new Executive Director.
You have both Enneagram experience and non profit organization leadership experience.
That is a wonderful combination to enrich the TNE with.
I am looking forward to working with you.
A heartfelt welcome to you!


Marcia Morehead says

So pleased to have you as Executive Director!
Sounds as though you are well qualified for the job.

Hope to meet you along the way.



Evangeline Welch says

Welcome, Ed! I value your depth of experience, and look forward to working with you in support of our aligned values! It’s an exciting time for TNE.


Renee Rosario says

Welcome Ed! I couldn’t be happier or more excited about you working with TNE. We are blessed that you have found your way into our organization. And, well, you live in Boulder so we’ll have to go for a hike too 🙂



Renée Siegel says

Welcome aboard! I’m sure your background will help guide us as we move forward!
All the Best,

Saralise Ward says

Greetings Ed, so happy to read about your heart for caring for our Mother Earth. Healing place, self and others through compassionate presence is so critical – and the Enneagram work allows us to deepen our journey in so many ways. I am new to the Narrative Tradition and enjoying all that I am learning. I look forward to weaving this more and more into my own work of Spiritual Direction and facilitation of retreats. I hope we get a chance to meet sometime! Blessings on your new beginnings!

Sally Chamberlaine says

Welcome Ed! I look forward to meeting you, and possibly even a hike with you and Renee. ☀️


Jane Howard says

Welcome, Ed! Your background and values seem spot on for the position. Wishing you all the best!

Teresa Roche says

Welcome Ed, so glad you you were hired. Wishing you the absolute best!

John Brett says

Congratulations and good luck. TNE is fortunate to have you at the helm.

John Brett

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