Inspiring Seasonal Reflections

December 8, 2014 | By David Daniels

Integration means the interweaving of the different aspects of life in order to bring coherence, flexibility, harmony, and even non-duality into our lives. Why just one practice per week? Well, we need time to absorb these powerful reflections so they can become a rich part of our soma and daily lives, rather than just being understood cognitively. We also need to enhance our receptive energy, taking the time to fully embody our paths of development. Truly these can be a key part of the path to freedom and liberation. Each practice is carefully designed to help us get to the core of our personality structure and being.

I made them seasonal to correspond to the nature and energy of life flow and to the simple yet powerful influences of the seasons upon us.

Fall is a time for slowing down, reflection on the blessings of life, contemplation, recognizing blind spots, integration, synthesis and affirming growth. Hence, Fall represents a time to prepare for the quiet of Winter.

Winter is a natural time for quiet reflection, going inward, slowing down, restoring and revitalizing. So here I focus on the core material and beliefs embedded in our type structure. Hence, Winter represents a time to genuinely explore within ourselves in order to prepare for the awakening of Spring.

Spring is a time for awakening to the world around us, for exuberance, renewal, the lightness of being, hope on behalf of the future, novelty, a world blooming anew, and for new life and growth in the world. Hence, Spring represents a time to prepare afresh for the warmth and expansiveness of Summer.

Summer is a time for expressing expansion, warmth, further development of our blessings in life, gratitude and appreciation, open-heartedness and abundance. Summer represents a time to pause and reflect on what is needed in order to balance our three centers of intelligence – head, heart and body. Summer also represents a time to prepare for the consolidation and mellowness of Fall.

For each practice, I suggest simply stopping for a minute or two, several times a day, to breathe down and in to center yourself and reflect on your type’s practice for the week. Then, do your best to live the practice during the rest of the day. Ideally, start each day with a morning practice, and then come back to it again in the evening, when you can reflect on how you lived your practice, allowing time to absorb its meaning and profoundness. Reflection practice allows us to integrate our personal work into our lives. To me it is the most underrated and under-prescribed of all the beneficial practices. This is the basis for my naming them Inspiring Reflections.

After you sign up for the reflections, each week I will email you your type’s reflection and a brief overview for that week. Don’t miss this fundamental, powerful and simple opportunity. Let others in your life know that they too can signup. Just go to my website, which complements

I also want to remind you that you can listen to and practice my type-based meditations. Just go to

Do signup as the winter season reflections (or summer if you live in the southern hemisphere) are starting soon!


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dear David, I would love to receive your Inspiring Reflections. I pray you are well.

Thank you so much,
Gail Williford

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