Fostering a Worldwide Community

September 4, 2014 | By Tom Baldwin

One way that we do this is to hold gatherings that offer a variety of opportunities to interact and learn from our gifted teachers and from each other. I think a great deal of the value and power of the Narrative Tradition is in the creation of compassion for self and others that comes from receiving and offering our personal paths in groups, panels and simple conversations.

So, as President of EANT, I invite anyone interested in the Narrative Tradition to attend our annual conference in Cincinnati, OH this October where we will experience all of these elements as we explore what living essence and grounded presence means to us. We are also planning some fun!

Our founders, Helen Palmer and David Daniels, will be joining us along with many gifted teachers who have taken the Enneagram into their particular fields of interest. The presentations will focus on simple practical ways we bring the Enneagram into our own personal and spiritual development, our relationships and into the world.

Please join us October 9-11 in Cincinnati. All are welcome.


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