Deepening into Deepening Spiritual Awareness

July 7, 2014 | By Renée Rosario

The stage that Terry set for our gathering reflected just what happened. We could meet our type patterns more fully as we deepened more essentially into who we are. From the guided meditations to sharing on the panels, I could feel people breathe into their depths. We tenderly held the parts of us we usually want to hide or kick to the curb, manifesting greater kindness toward ourselves.

Terry’s introduction of the types was remarkable, as was her presence with each panelist. How many times have I heard these words, but each time hear a different nuance that astounds me! Thank you Terry for your wealth of experience and your BIG HEART!

Marion Gilbert did a great job with the somatic inquiry, including her meditations into each pattern’s development in childhood, and the potential somatic manifestations we may experience in adulthood. As someone who manifests the Two pattern, when she said that we often hold our tension in our necks due to the strong will and moving forward toward others, well, I was gobsmacked! I had just received that reflection from an energy worker who said she could feel my will and determination in the structure of my neck. I can feel it too! 

I’ve attended DSA twice previously, but this was the first with Marion and Terry. These two teachers make quite a dynamic duo, and hold the field of a group impeccably. Through inquiry into all three centers, I found their facilitation and this class quite compelling. I feel like the Narrative Tradition itself is getting more balanced in the three centers, offering each of us the opportunity to do the same. I can be aware and tell my story. I can be in my heart and share my feelings authentically in the relational space with others. I can sense into my body and experience its wisdom unfold, and even learn tools to help with that. I can open more fully, and receive the essential qualities and aspects of the Ground as it gives generously to me. Deepening Spiritual Awareness is a great class that offers all these things. I will probably take it again, and again…

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monika Andreas says

I was told that there are some tests available – online – does your organization
have those Enneagram tests available?
Monika Andreas

ESNT says

Yes, Monika! To find the test easily, click on the top banner navigation “test” or go to our home page at and click on the bar that says “Take the Enneagram test,” located just below the banner photo. We hope you enjoy this scientifically-validated test by David Daniels, MD.

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