Teacher Certification

Narrative Enneagram Teacher Certification

After completing our Foundational Courses, students may choose to pursue the Narrative Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP) Teacher Track or Practitioner Track.

The Teacher track is designed for those who want to learn to teach the Narrative Enneagram to groups. This training includes in-depth practice leading panels in the Narrative Tradition, feedback and support to cultivate and improve your teaching skills.

The Teacher Track includes the following courses and trainings:

  • Typing Process (also included in the Practitioner Track)
  • Teacher Training
  • Internship and Certification
While I officially certified three years ago, taking the training again increased my content knowledge and strengthened my teaching skills through a series of rigorous practice exercises. Renée Rosario and Peter O’Hanrahan provided invaluable feedback in addition to lessons learned through their many years of experience. I feel more capable and better equipped to teach larger class sizes as the number of participants grows.
Kerry O'Donnell
Professional and Personal Coach, Certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher
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Typing Process

24 hours

This experiential training teaches you how to conduct individual typing interviews using the inquiry method in order to help interviewees discover their potential type.

Step-by-step you will learn how to conduct typing interviews to assist newcomers to the Enneagram in determining their type. Modules include:

  • Differentiating one type from another
  • Non-verbal aspects of type
  • Knowledge of your own biases in conducting interviews

The training culminates in a rare hands-on opportunity to practice your skills by interviewing volunteers from the community, with feedback from instructors.

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Teacher Training

24 hours
  • Practice leading type panels in a group setting.
  • Learn how to apply the Universal Growth Process in your practice
  • Discover type-specific transference and counter-transference issues
  • Develop effective life-changing strategies and interventions for each type
  • Build skills in self-reflection, self-observation and receptive awareness
  • Learn methods to incorporate somatic elements into your practice
  • Discover how the Enneagram can enhance your ability to “walk the talk”
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  • 12 typing interviews, 6 recorded by the Intern and reviewed by a Coach. The goal is to develop your skill and content knowledge to conduct a typing interview according to the Narrative Tradition.
  • 5 panel interviews with a 10-minute introduction to the panel; 4 recorded and reviewed by a Coach. The goal is to gain the skills and capacities needed to effectively facilitate a panel in the Narrative Tradition.
  • 2 presentations, 20 minutes each, on an Enneagram topic recorded and reviewed by a Coach. The goal is to develop the skills and capacities to effectively present topics on the Enneagram.


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  • Certifier and Core Faculty member meet via Zoom to complete a panel interview with a pre-panel presentation.
  • Certifier conducts a final typing interview via Zoom with a TNE Core Faculty member.
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Internship & Certification Requirements

Teacher Track

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Program Costs

The total cost for our Teacher Track with early-bird discounts is $4,105 USD, including internship and certification. In-person trainings have additional costs for lodging and meals.

Thanks to our community of generous donors, a number of scholarships are available for the Typing Process and Teacher Training classes.

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