Reminded of Excellence

November 21, 2013 | By Renée Rosario

Thirteen years later, I’m on my way to assist Peter O’Hanrahan with the Typing Process. The class was a faint memory and I was inspired again by what an excellent class it is!  Skilled teachers and well thought out classes build from the foundation up.  This is true of the Typing Process class where content is followed by experiential practice.  The students have the opportunity to develop skills a bit at a time, board by board, as they develop a typing script, participate in and lead panels, and practice interviewing skills on Typing Interview Night. 

Typing Interview Night is a total blast!  Excitement grows, some nerves jangle, and then it happens:  they are interviewing volunteers from the community. David Daniels came as a coach and had the excitement and twinkle in his eye that is still fresh after all these years as he shared about the typing process.  I was a coach for a group of three students and was inspired to witness their earnest and openhearted curiosity as they navigated the interviews.  Their presence and authenticity created a safe container for the interviewees who responded with their own.  I felt privileged to sit with them, honor their wisdom, and offer constructive feedback.  It is sometimes hard to believe what fun it is to learn about yourself as you learn about others!

During the closing circle, this group of students already felt like colleagues.  They were well on their way to making an impact in the world, offering the important service of evolving self-awareness on the planet.  As a heart type, these are times the tears do flow with gratitude and excitement for the Enneagram, the Narrative Tradition, and the community of teachers and students that we all are.  As the newest member of the EPTP training team, I’m still pinching myself that I have the opportunity to do this “work” which tastes like love to me!

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Marianna says

I loved the Enneagram when I first took a class in the early nineties. I took it three times. Three different teachers. What a beautiful awakening. I am very interested in the cost of training..where..when. Congrats to you for going the mile.

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