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Unveiling the Holy Ideas

Unveiling the Holy Ideas

Mar 25, 2023

The Holy Ideas in the Enneagram are a powerful doorway into greater personal and spiritual freedom. In nine different ways they represent what we have lost sight of through the lens of our type, and that gets mimicked by the type.

Lifelong Learning
Has Prerequisites
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Trauma and the Enneagram

May 6, 2023

As we navigate these challenging times, stability and predictability have been shaken. In various ways, events have taken a toll on each of us. Most of us have experienced some form of trauma.

Everyday Exploration
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Test Free Event 1

June 11, 2025

TEST FREE EVENT Our signature Enneagram Intensive Part 1 offers a deep, transformative experience to practice integrating the head, heart and body centers of intelligence.

Foundational Courses
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