Practitioner Certification

Narrative Enneagram Practitioner Certification

After completing our Foundational Courses, students may choose to pursue the Narrative Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP) Practitioner Track or Teacher Track.

The Practitioner Track is for therapists, counselors, coaches, social workers, mental health practitioners, spiritual directors, HR managers, and other practitioners who work one-to-one with individuals.*

The Enneagram brings unparalleled benefits to those working with others by providing accurate descriptions of the core structures of the nine personality types, as well as type-specific understanding of the relationship between psychological issues, spiritual qualities and somatic patterns.

The Practitioner Track includes the following courses and trainings:

  • Typing Process (also included in the Teacher Track)
  • The Enneagram for Therapists, Counselors and Coaches (ETCC)
  • Internship and Certification
I attended the Practitioner Training in the hope of deepening my work with my clients. As a person who has greatly benefited from the Enneagram in my personal life, I knew that using it professionally would set me apart in private practice. It was incredible to be able to engage with other professionals from diverse backgrounds to create a supportive community to lean on for insight. I really appreciated the practical exercises to see Enneagram work in practice! I’m very thankful for the training.
Catie Bilz, M. Ed, LPC
Mental Health Counselor

*You must have professional training in your field and at least six months of experience working with clients as an established one-to-one practitioner to begin this course. If you do not meet this criteria, please consider the Teacher Track instead.

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Typing Process

24 hours

This experiential, step-by-step training teaches you how to conduct typing interviews using the inquiry method to assist newcomers to the Enneagram in determining their type. Modules include:

  • Differentiating one type from another
  • Non-verbal aspects of type
  • Knowledge of your own biases in conducting interviews

The training culminates in a rare hands-on opportunity to practice your skills by interviewing volunteers from the community, with feedback from instructors.

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The Enneagram for Therapists, Counselors and Coaches

24 hours
  • Learn transformational models like the Universal Growth Process to use in your practice
  • Discover type-specific transference and counter-transference issues
  • Develop effective life-changing strategies and interventions for each type
  • Build skills in self-reflection, self-observation and receptive awareness
  • Learn methods to incorporate somatic elements into your practice
  • Discover how the Enneagram can enhance your ability to “walk the talk”
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  • 12 Typing Interviews, 6 recorded and reviewed by a Coach. The goal is to develop your skill and content knowledge to conduct a typing interview according to the Narrative Tradition.
    • Candidates may begin typing interviews after completion of the Typing Process.
  • 5 Supervision Group meetings led by a Core Faculty member. After you have taken the ETCC course you will be invited to join a supervision group.
    • 2-hour sessions via phone or Skype (time may be reduced for smaller groups)
    • Share client questions and receive feedback from group
    • Complete case presentations exploring work with clients
    • Explore relevant topics about the Enneagram
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  • Certifier conducts a final typing interview via Zoom with a TNE Core Faculty member.
  • Written Final Review.
  • 5-10 page report integrating Enneagram learning into your professional practice.
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Internship & Certification Requirements

Practitioner Track

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Program Costs

The total cost for our Practitioner Track with early-bird discounts is $3,615 USD, including internship and certification. In-person trainings have additional costs for lodging and meals.

Thanks to our community of generous donors, a number of scholarships are available Typing Process and The Enneagram for Therapists, Counselors and Coaches (ETCC) classes.

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