In Loving Memory: David Daniels, MD

May 27, 2017 | By Terry Saracino

Dear friends, colleagues and Enneagram Narrative Community,

 I have come to the conclusion that it is time for me to evolve my Enneagram Core Faculty Emeritus and teaching status into full retirement. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities to teach the Enneagram to so many others for so many years. While my passion remains steadfast, my focus needs to shift to caring for my beloved wife, Judy, who suffers from memory decline, as well as my own health issues subsequent to my second open heart surgery.

As a founder of the International Enneagram Association, creator of the First International Conference held at Stanford University in the summer of 1994, and with Helen Palmer, originator of Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition, I have dedicated my time to bringing this amazing material further into the world. It has been an absolute joy and pleasure to collaborate with so many of you. And I have endless gratitude to all the teachers I have taught with and been hosted and supported by over the years.

My focus will now turn to writing. I will continue contributing to my comprehensive website and anticipate publishing my book on intimacy and the Enneagram in the next year.

With wishes of love, peace and joy to all,


Dear Enneagram friends,

Just days away from sending an announcement to the Narrative community that our co-founder, David Daniels, had decided to fully retire, we learned a few hours ago that he died yesterday.

David’s death is not a surprise, as he was confronting long-standing serious medical issues. But it is a deep shock to all of us who knew him, worked with him and loved him for thirty years. My heart is overwhelmed with complex emotions at this moment, grief at the loss of a dear friend mixed with gratitude for all he gave to me and to the world.

As this news lands in me, I flash back to February 1990 at Vallombrosa Center in Menlo Park, where I attended my first Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP) with David Daniels and Helen Palmer. The struggles of several certifying novice teachers revealed just what skill, finesse and presence are required to transmit effectively this method we call the Enneagram Narrative.

Credit David with having the foresight to encourage and join with Helen to launch the world’s first professional training program for aspiring Enneagram teachers. Credit David with modeling those skills and setting high standards for us all. And credit David for continuing to revise and modify the program to keep it relevant almost 30 years later.

The debt of gratitude owed to David by the entire Enneagram community is enormous. In addition to co-creating the EPTP with Helen, his major contributions are legendary:

  • In its earliest days, he lent the Enneagram the credibility of his prestige as an MD and Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford University.
  • His leadership in organizing the first international Enneagram conference in 1994 with more than 1200 participants led to the formation of the International Enneagram Association.
  • He, along with Helen, offered advanced teachings in yearly conferences and endless support to students who formed what is now known as the Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition.
  • His book, The Essential Enneagram, written with Virginia Price, is a guide for so many and contains the first scientifically validated Enneagram test.
  • His worldwide travels and trainings brought the Enneagram to many countries where certified trainers in the Narrative Tradition continue offering the EPTP today.

Those of us who have the privilege of knowing David personally also can attest to his loving presence, his wisdom and insight, his positive, optimistic nature, his absolutely endless energy and his playful spirit. “Are you sure you’re not a Type 7, Epicure?” I’d ask David (a Type 6, Loyal Skeptic) when he wanted to add one more element to a training or had one more novel idea! I recall many times on panels when the twinkle in his eye and impish grin on his face prefaced amazing observations and invitations to explore further.  

ESNT, a not-for-profit organization, was created to continue the work of both David and Helen. Sheryl Cohen, ESNT’s current Board President writes, David was a courageous pioneer as a physician and psychiatrist, forging a path for the Enneagram’s utility for clients and therapists alike. His initial vision of the necessity for an organization to hold and disseminate the work has led us to the vibrant and growing institution we are today.”

David, each of us, in our own way, from all corners of the globe, will carry your legacy forward.

I also want to acknowledge David’s impact on me personally. Our lives have been intertwined for almost three decades. I would not be where I am without his influence as my teacher, mentor, colleague, co-teacher and creative partner. As for my private life, few of you may know of David’s expertise in the matchmaking arena. I’m grateful for his role in bringing my husband, Paul Strasburg, and me together. We shared memorable experiences with David and his wife of 62 years, Judy, from the beauty of Asheville in the fall to the frozen tundra of northern Minnesota in January. As in any long-term relationship, David and I also navigated a few “growth moments,” which made our relationship even deeper and stronger. My heart is full of love and gratitude for him and all that he gave to me.

David’s goal was always simple: To bring the Enneagram to the world. And he did. David, may your spirit receive the outpouring of love and gratitude from us all.


Terry Saracino
Founding President and Core Faculty
Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition


EANT ESNT Personal reflection


Renee Rosario says

My heart is filled with grief and gratitude for this amazing man…tears..

Jane Padget says

Words cannot express just how deeply I feel and how grateful I am to have known David. I am sad I cannot be with everyone celebrating David’s life as I live in the UK. I attended EPTP training led by David and Helen around twenty years ago and am continuing to teach here in the north of England. Every time I teach I tell people about David’s influence and wisdom, as I did only this week leading a Deepening Spirituality Course using the Enneagram. I will miss David and am sad that I will now not meet with him again but I will rejoice that he was my friend and one of the finest people I have ever known. Much Love ❤ to David. Jane xx

Robert homan says

Beautiful. Thank you Terry

Kathy says

What a rich, beautiful tribute to your
dear friend and colleague, Terry. Thank
you. We all owe David and Helen, and
those of you who are carrying on the
work, a debt of gratitude for how the
work has, and continues, to touch all
of our lives….much love to you as you
say goodbye to your beloved friend….

William Reed says

Dear Terry,

Your tribute to David truly captures the essence of this incredible man. He inspired so many of us and his legacy lives on in all our hearts, minds and bodies.

May he Rest In Peace and may you and your Enneagram friends be comforted now by the decades of warm, loving memories of wonderful times spent with David.

My deepest sympathy,

Bill Reed

Petra says

Thank you, Terry, for this beautiful tribute to David’s life work. He really co-mingled us all so deliciously, didn’t he?

Pat O'Hanrahan says

Thank you Terry for this beautifully expressed heartfelt tribute to David.

Last month when I was feeling the sense of the tide receding with David, and knowing that I would want to honor and express my love to him, in case I didn’t get to see him again, I sent him a note.

Have been appreciating these timely Weekly Reflections, that you so generously give, and think of you often for the gift of love and caring that you transmit and have always imparted. I thank you for all the wisdom over the years, and being a kind and loving presence in my life and for many throughout the world.
With love and deepest gratitude, always, Pat

David sent a penetrating response to me that I will always cherish… along with getting to be in his presence as I helped out at the Enneagram work in CA, his abundant heart, and prolific life expression.

Deborah Ooten says

Thanks for sharing!
Love to all.

Tim Smith says

Lovely tribute to a loving man. He will be missed. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have experienced his wisdom first hand, and for his continuing influence in my work with others. May peace be his legacy.

Donna Chase says

Thank you, Terry for so beautifully expressing this loving tribute to David. Truly a shock to all of us who love him and are privileged enough to call him our teacher and friend. I am eternally grateful for the impact his loving presence and teachings have in my life. His legacy lives on in the work to which he was so committed. Thank you, David.

Scott jamieson says

Thank you Terry for a wonderful, comforting message. David was my panel coach during certification and I will never forget the compassion and strength he used to help me get better. No one had a more devilish grin. I am fortunate to know him and I feel the same about you, Peter, Helen, Maryanne and Theresa.

Mary Folsom says

I am heartbroken to learn this news and find that this wonderful soul has left us. Thank you Terry for this beautiful tribute that captures him so well. What he brought to my life was simply life changing. I feel blessed to have known and learned so much from this special man. His words will continue to live on in our daily lives. Sending love and prayers to his family and the Enneagram community. xoxo

Jaye Andres says

I’m so grateful to have had David as my teacher. His impish smile, delightful humor, and wisdom will be deeply missed – and his generosity to the Arizona Enneagram Association In our beginning days always remembered.

Theresa Hoffman says

Thank you for sharing this sad news Terry and capturing so much of David’s accomplishments here. I will forever be grateful to him for being a powerful model for teaching and living the lessons of the Enneagram and for his incredible generosity of spirit. What a gift he was and continues to be to this world.

Sheryl Cohen says

Thanks for the wonderful tribute, Terry.
With David’s passing I feel an even deeper sense of responsibility and determination to ensure these invaluable teachings endure and reach a wider audience.
On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, we pledge to fulfill a vision David and Helen imagined so long ago.

Hendrik Jan Dekker says

Thank you Terry, for your heartfelt words that paint a picture of David and his kind but unmistakable influence on individual people and the Enneagram world as a whole. I will miss his bright mind and deep understanding of the Enneagram and his favorite subject named Intimacy.

Karla Robson says

It is so touching that so many of us can say we experienced David’s love, patience, knowledge, coaching, humor, mentoring, sharing, and tenderness. He was truly one of a kind in the most special way. He changed my life, and that of my family. My daughter, who was 11 when we first saw David together (and is 47 now) said “he was one of the keys to us making it through,” and it is absolutely true. The world is a better place for the thousands of us he touched with his magic love, but his passing leaves a bruise on my heart.

Brigitte Riom-Tendron says

C’est avec tristesse que j’apprends le décès de David qui a été pour moi un merveilleux Professeur. Je n’oublierai pas son sourire et sa bienveillance. Merci beaucoup Terry de lui rendre ce bel hommage.
J’adresse à Judy, à sa famille et à ses amis mes sincères condoléances et toute ma sympathie dans ces moments de chagrin. Love. Brigitte

Jeanne St John says

How well I remember David & Helen at that first Enneagram Conference at Stanford in 1994! Their work in creating the space and opportunity for the conference was ground-breaking–and then they continued for almost 25 more years! His quiet but solid manner, his kindness and wisdom, contributed so much to the study and promotion of the Enneagram. I mourn his passing as I celebrate his many gifts.

Muriel Vasconcellos says

Thank you for a beautiful tribute, Terry. This news comes as a deep shock. David Daniels will be remembered for the major role he played in bringing the Enneagram into awareness in the modern world.

Connie Nagel says

Thank you Terry for these beautiful words of tribute to David they bring comfort to the Narrative Tradition Family.

Emile Haddad says

Thank you Terry for your heartfelt outpouring. I’ve noticed myself moving between shock and sadness, gratitude and wonderment about the beauty and grace of a life well lived.
David, May your Soul continue its evolution towards realization and may you be showered with countless blessings for the all the gifts you have bestowed upon everyone that has crossed your path. Your Spirit and gifts will continue to live within so many of us and we are blessed to have known you.
May Judy and the rest of your family find solace in the dedication and love you have contributed to their lives.
Blessings upon your Soul dear David.

Cynthia Stevens says

Thank you Terry for your beautiful words for this amazing man. I’m so very thankful that David had the spunk, wisdom, foresight, energy to bring the Enneagram out. It is because of his and Helen’s pioneering work, continued on by others, that I get to do what I do today: teaching this incredible, dynamic tool to so many (in Canada.) I am so very grateful for David’s gentle, kind manner. Well done David.

B Cleo Thompson says

This news is received with such sadness and also with such gratefulness for David’s life contributions. I feel blessed I got to meet him in person, to share the inspiration of his gentle spirit and graceful humor. Blessings on your journey, David.

Polly says

Oh my. Thank you Terry for these special words. And thank you David for guiding us all for so long. You are a deep delight to all who knew you. I am so grateful for my contact with you. Safe travels

Judith Gohman says

David was the kindest man I ever knew.

Pamela Michaelis says

Dear Terry, thank you so much for this touching tribute to David, to his work, his love , his wisdom. We are actually in the middle of EPTP here in northern Germany right now and I feel so sad, yet I know it could not be a more appropriate place to receive this sad news. I am filled with love and gratitude to have known and learned from David. Tomorrow we will spend some minutes remembering him in our group of loving, enthusiastic students, and most especially when we certify some of them as enneagram teachers in the narrative tradition. God bless you Terry and Peter, my thoughts are with you and David’s family.

Theresa Abbott Gale says

Terry, your words share so much of the gratitude and sadness I feel with David’s passing. He was a man whose passion for the Enneagram was contagious. His gentle spirit opened space for healing of the body, mind and spirit. His ability to bring people together, even couples, speaks of the trust he built and love he exuded.

Forever will he be etched in my and all our hearts. His work lives on in each of us, his students, colleague and friend.

It is a sad day and yet my heart is filled with gratitude and love.


Carolyn Workman says

I am so sorry to hear of David’s death. My education and experience with Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition has been invaluable to me. I am very indebted to this man who carried forward the mission to allow so many of us to evolve and enlighten through. My sympathies to all colleagues. My indebtedness to David, and all who continue his mission. Peace.

Mary Powers says

On Monday 5.22.17 I taught a class on Meditation here in Charlotte, NC. I had just read a blog entry from David about the importance of adding heart-presence to scholarly learnings in order to bring them alive, and the resulting inspiration fueled my class that day. What a fine human he was and is. LOVE underscored all his teachings. Heart-opening and presence was a life theme and he absolutely knew how to teach others to reach that place – he taught by example. My husband and I are so fortunate to have studied and taught with him. May he Rest in the very heart of Peace.

Meredith Gardner says

David helped me gain clarity and acceptance of my “being”….He was a guardian angel who consistently helped me be the best that I could be. My condolences to all.

Jan Spilman says

Dear Terry, It was with shock, grief and gratitude that I read your loving tribute to David. Though I rarely have the opportunity to teach the Enneagram directly these days, the skills and knowledge I gained through participating in David’s panels continue to permeate my personal and teaching relationships and I am forever grateful.

May we all find companionship and comfort in the work and shared grief of this community and in David’s love and wisdom which continue among and through us. With warmest love, Jan

Katie says

A beautiful tribute Terry to a man who, through the Enneagram, picked me off the floor and restored the twinkle in my eye and helped me on the way so many years ago. A shining star for the world through his loving devotion to the furtherance of the human spirit and the deepening of our purpose as a species. Nothing less.

A. M. says

Thank you for the moving tribute to Dr. Daniels, Terry. Through your words, I feel the love and loss immensely. My heartfelt condolences to all.

Ruth Sebalj (Australia) says

Terry, Your words are so beautiful in remembering a dear friend. David was truly and exceptional human person touching the lives of many far and wide in our world. His legacy will live on. My heart is with you, David’s Family and the Enneagram team.

Tom Purcell says

I love David. He gave me some timely guidance and offered issues to explore. And the support and encouragement to befriend and accept my shadow.He came to Toronto twice and both times Andrea and I acted as his personal chauffeurs.We also served him a meal at our place. He said he liked it.We just hit it off.He has a wonderful sense of humour. We laughed a lot.I remember hearing that a reliable indicator of one’s state of mental health is the willingness and ability to laugh at oneself.David was very healthy.We laughed to the point of breathlessness many times.No big surprise.I know he enjoyed hanging out with was mutual.I feel so blessed that we were able to spend that brief time with him. I wished that he lived next door and we could go for leisurely walks or chat at a local coffee shop.He was that kind of man.I thought of him as a son of the influential Carl Jung. If there is a place called heaven I will look for him.We will sit on comfortable chairs and talk about eternity while sipping on our Chai Lattes.

Gary Trantham says

Thank you, Terry. You captured the loving wisdom and eye twinkle of kind humor and tender compassion that David always lived. What a privilege to have learned from him as student and later teacher of the EANT.
David was a model for me and a guide to deeper understanding, drawing me closer to essence. He lives so vibrantly in my memory. I send love and support, condolences to Judy and his family. He will be long remembered with love and respect, admiration and joy.

Jim Gum says

I just met David in 2014. The first word he said to me was “Boooo!” because I was wearing a Royals cap during the introductions to our October training in 2014 and David was rooting for the Giants in the World Series. He brought such an amazing presence to our training and was always keeping the main thing the main thing – a deep desire for love and connection. When I think how to bring “openness and curiosity” to every opportunity in my life, I will always think of David.

When we left Asheville, we helped him catch an earlier flight back to SFO by carrying his bag and escorting him to the gate. He was jogging through the airport and we made it just in time. And later, when I arrived home, he wrote me a note to say how grateful he was for the help.

Such a beautiful man, such a beautiful spirit. My hope for my life is to be like him and to “stay in the game” for as long as I am able.

Julia Fullerton says

I am so grateful to have met, and been taught by David. I loved his impish grin and his deep insight – and his quiet way of gently probing deeper.

I, who hardly knew him, but who loved and respected him greatly will miss him. Since I first met him, I have always been glad that he was in the world.

I will miss him


Sue Wilson says

Thank you, Terry, for your wonderful tribute to David. I feel so very fortunate to have learned about the
Enneagram from him and Helen. His inspirational teaching and commitment are an incredible legacy
for all of us who are students and teachers of the Enneagram. His wisdom, passion and lovely sense of
humor will not soon be forgotten by any of us who came into contact with him. My condolences to all.
Sue Wilson

Brenda meisburg says

I loved David from the moment we met during the early certification training
– he was immediately able to deal with me as a 5 and show me strength, guidance, nurturing and allow me to be able share in his wisdom and strength which I had never experienced before – and with Helen it took my breath away and changed my life forever
I will love you forever David – Brenda (Tallahassee, Florida)

Dale Knutsen says

David was a wonderful and remarkable human being. One of the key teachers of my life, I am profoundly grateful for his gifts to us all — and for being in contact with him over all these years.
Dale Knutsen

Dennis Hawley says


Thank you for your beautiful tribute to David. His legacy is honored by the people he trained and led. I knew him only from brief conversations at IEA conventions. I remember his warmth, his devotion to Judy, and his skill as a therapist. I know there are many hands that will carry his work forward.


Peter O'Hanrahan says

Some people in their lives have a large impact on the world around them. David was such a person. He was an idealist who believed in the potential of personal transformation, loving relationships and a peaceful world. More than a believer, he was a leader who worked tirelessly over many years with his brilliant mind and his big heart to support and teach people in countries around the world. Through his efforts he made possible our Enneagram Professional Training Program, which has certified more than 1500 Narrative Tradition teachers and reached many thousands more with the power of the Enneagram. He also was the initiator of the International Enneagram Association after the first big conference at Stanford University. He put himself into service to the world. I knew him for 25 years as a great mentor, teacher and friend. My life was changed by his presence. I am deeply grateful. His strong spirit will live on in all of us.
In loving memory, Peter O’H, Beijing, China

Vivienne says

I give thanks for the precious times that I was able to learn directly from David. You made such a great team, Terry with Helen and others. The development of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition will continue on the amazing strong base you all established. As a fellow 6 One to One, David helped me to understand myself much better and challenged me as well. Farewell David and thank you. Thanks Terry for your lovely tribute.

Renee Rosario says

On my first post, I didn’t say thank you Terry for this wonderful tribute and do so now. Deep bows of gratitude to you. Your dedication to David and Helen’s work is also why we are here today and why I have the privilege of teaching in the Narrative Tradition. This morning, I am touched deeply by reading all these beautiful posts honoring David and his impact on their lives. My heart is tender and I hope that his soul can feel this outpouring of love and gratitude. I truly can’t imagine where my life would be without his tenacity to bring the Narrative into the world. Thank you endlessly dear David. I love you.

Pat Martin says

Thank you, Terry, for the beautiful tribute to David. My heart is heavy and feeling gratitude for David’s influence on us all. A very special man.

Peggy Yakimov says

David’s legacy is carried on, through those who are left and those he shared his being with. I met him only briefly during an Intensive in Menlo Park a few years ago, and only last week registered for the upcoming Deepening Spiritual Awareness. This was a significant step for me. The memory that was strongest for me about the Intensive experience was of a community of honesty, caring and courage, and it was you, Terry, who embodied those qualities. David’s legacy is strong, and your words about him embody that. Thank you.

B Cleo says

This is a lovely tribute. He was able to meet us in our heart space.

Knute says

Thank you so much Terry for the loving reflections on David’s life and contributions. I met David at the 1994 conference and as an academic especially appreciated his dedication to and involvement in the world of personality and self growth. Like so many others, I always felt seen and cared for in his presence. I imagine a twinkle in his eye as he takes in these reflections and tributes. So thanks again.

Muffie Noble-Power says

Since attending a program taught by David Daniels some 4 or 5 years ago in Phoenix, I have always referred to him as a great bodhisattva — someone who has dedicated lifetimes to benefitting sentient beings. Not through preaching, but by his human, humble example, he reached and helped so many. I feel honored to have been taught by him.

helen crowe says

I met David only once but signed up for his Reflections and looked forward to seeing them in my mailbox over several years. They were a connection that I came to value very much. As a five type…they always included the theme of nurturing and that puzzled me so I wrote to him because he did not give any information about what nurturing is and obviously, he meant something specific. To my amazement..he wrote me back! It was a short note but had a huge impact because it showed me what nurturing actually was by responding. Maybe it doesn’t matter exactly what we do or say as long as it is some attention and I felt what his words about nurturing meant. For the past few weeks I have felt a great need to write to him again and tell him how much he touched my heart in his Reflections. And now he knows that he won my heart and I’m sure he won the hearts of everyone he touched. So many tributes attest to this wonderful truth. I feel grateful for this contact in a world that feels cold and although he had troubles with his own embodied heart…his eternal heart openly radiated and continues to radiate nurturing warmth. My condolences go out to his family, friends and the Enneagram community and trust the experience of his nurturing as a feature of reality that does not contain loss but contributes to the everlasting flow of love.

Oscar Ayala Arana says

Dear friends and colleagues:

David’s passing away certainly represents a superlative loss for his family, his friends, pupils and the global Enneagram community.

Nevertheless, we all must express our deepest gratitude and recognition to his loving and careful work and his profound dedication to the understanding of what we truly are.

I was blessed for meeting him in several ocassions and for learning from his word and living example; I want to express my deep condolences to his family and friends of the Enneagram world. May Peace and Acceptance be with all of you. David is at his best now and realizing this is really a superb comfort for all of us.

Oscar Ayala Arana

Juergen Guendel says

Thanks Terry for your heart-warming tribute to David. In addition to teaching the Enneagram as such, David to me was a wise man, humorous, loving, humble, and a great model for how to teach students in a loving, accepting way and bring forth the best in them. I am glad that he was my teacher and sad that he left us. May we all in order to honor him carry his legacy further and bring some of his knowledge and positive attitude into the world.

J.D. Daniels says

On behalf of the Daniels Family, we want to express my deepest thanks to all of David’s friends & family in the Enneagram Community. It would mean the world to him to hear the kind words of support affirming both his personal and global contributions. He gave a lot of love to the Enneagram and everyone associated with it, but he also received and rejoiced in the love and care that often came his way. You have all been a blessing.

One of the favorite quotes our father shared with us came from an ancient Buddhist source (with slight modifications): “Awareness without action is not awareness at all.” David was really big on active practice, daily practice. His most recent blog post on his website still speaks to this topic. We know that he would want us all to keep up our own healthy practice, and to share our love for the Enneagram with others. He truly believed in the Enneagram as a change agent for each of us, and for the world. We feel honored by the outpouring of sympathy and love. And, in David’s honor, we trust he would want us to keep sharing our compassion for differences, excitement for change, and Enneagram wisdom with others. May peace be with you all.

With Love, J.D., Denise, and Karen Daniels

Mary Jo Ruccio says

Thank you Terry for putting into words what is in so many hearts as we remember David and his impact on our lives. He worked tirelessly to bring the Enneagram to the world one person at a time. It was my privilege to call him teacher, colleague and friend. My prayers are with Judy and their children. May you Rest In Peace David and know that your work continues throughout the world.

Jackie Solem says

Dear, dear Terry. I share yours and others grief at David’s death, and sense his spirit alive in the qualities he was able to manifest to his students. You, David, and the team who taught together, made such a difference in my life and the other Minnesotans that came to your training in Grand Rapids and the Twin Cities. I continue to be transformed by the insights into my own and others sufferings that get in the way of the love that is always available to us within our Selves and this beautiful earth . David’s gift to the world will multiply as we all continue to open our lives through self-knowledge and compassion for others. I send warm hugs and deep sympathy for these days of grieving, with hope for the comfort of feeling David’s ongoing presence with you in the years ahead. My own health is recovering from a crisis or I would have sent David a personal note this week as I felt him so near, with such gratitude for his many gifts to me, personally, and to our community. Though my teaching days also seem to be over (David & I were the same age), life is so much richer as I use the knowledge about myself that the Enneagram bridged to deeper spiritual growth. Thank you.

Tendron Denis says

Farewell David
C’est avec beaucoup de tristesse que j’apprends le départ de David.
Il va beaucoup manquer à la communauté de l’ennéagramme en tradition narrative. Manquer par ses apports et la qualité de son enseignement. Il m’ont été précieux pour promouvoir l’ennéagramme en tradition narrative en France. Mais sa présence va aussi nous manquer. Il incarnait tant ce que l’ennéagramme a de beau à nous apporter pour transformer nos vies et créer un monde meilleur.
J’adresse à son épouse Judy et à sa famille mes sincères condoléances.
Denis Tendron

Joyce Plaza says

My heart is broken. Thank you David.

Theresa Rembert says

Thank you, Terry, for your touching message. My heart feels tender with sadness on the loss of David and profound gratitude for his contribution and legacy and for all of those like yourself whom he has inspired.

Jane Padget says

Thank you Terry. I had intended to say that in my first post yesterday but when I wrote my thoughts and feelings about David I omitted this and it has been on my mind since. The tributes to David here are so wonderful and inspiring and give such hope to the world derided from such strong loving relationships. Something so close to David’s heart.

Ciska Roth says

Thank you Terry for sharing your grief and memories.
I was touched by the news and I remembered David putting his arm around his wife Judy and smiling to her, in such a loving way. They visited a conference in the Netherlands a few years ago.
I am thankful also for his wonderful book The Essential Enneagram with all the practices for each type.
I wish you all strength in dealing with this loss.

Moya Morris says

My heart-felt gratitude for having received David’s loving kindness and continued inspiration in my life. The ripple effect of his Enneagram work is felt throughout this world. Love endures. May he rest in Peace.
Thank you Terry, for giving us this opportunity, to say Thank You.

Frank Post says

Thanks for your words JD. He was a remarkable man and will stay that way in the eyes if many of us. We wish all of the family members the strength to cope with this loss.

Will there be a Memorial Service that can also be attended from people from Europe?
Frank Post, The Netherlands

Arlene Moore says

Thank you Terry for this tribute to David. I first met David in the training with Helen and David in 1993 when my colleague, Jürgen and I came from Germany to participate. We had met Helen as she had given a workshop for us in Heidelberg but David was new to us. We were so impressed with his knowledge of the Enneagram, his warmth, his acceptance of us, and his humor. He was a wonderful teacher and model. He and Judy stayed with my husband and me while he gave a workshop here in Heidelberg and I enjoyed getting to know him better and more personally. My heart goes out to Judy in this time of loss.

Sefatsa Q says

I first learned about Enneagram when I participated in the lesson on Enneagram during my visit to Windhoek, Namibia in 2008. I was 24 years at the time. I’ve embraced it ever since. The name of David Daniels and Helen Palmer kept coming up time after time on the materials. Through David Daniels writings I came to understand people around me, but most importantly I understood myself better. I’m type 4 from Bloemfontein, South Africa.

I still hope that one day I’ll be able to take Enneagram Professional Training Programme (EPTP) course. South Africa will benefit a great deal from such informative course. Elizabeth Dugmore did her best, but we need more to carry on the good work.

Death certainty is the most tragic reality of our existence. May our beloved David Daniels RIP in eternity.

Robb Most says

I am grateful for David bringing the Essential Enneagram to me to publish and the work we did together to achieving his vision for it. I must add that the Essential Enneagram is not a test, I call it an “unfolding of self understanding.”
I am grateful for David introducing the Enneagram to me and bringing so much wisdom into my life.
I am grateful for every moment I was gifted to spend with David who was truly the wisest, kindest, warmest, and most humble person I have ever know. I am appreciative of his showing me his way of being to aspire to and hold within me.
I am grateful that David, like a great wise person before him, came to realize the profound wisdom in the Enneagram and gave up his practice to devote his life to teaching this wisdom.
I am grateful to Terry for both these beautiful words she expressed above and also how she and her colleagues enriched David’s life and amplified his teaching.
I am grateful to David’s family, Judy, J.D., Denise and their families for the joy and pride they brought to David.
I will always hold all of this in my heart.

Penny Whillans says

It is with deep love and unending appreciation that I and we at the CIES say an earthbound ‘good-bye’ to David. His kindness and dedication remain and we are blessed to have shared Hearts, Space and time with him. with love to him you-all and his family.

Evangeline Welch says

I have such deep love, admiration, respect and gratitude for David Daniels. While I grieve the loss of my teacher, mentor, collaborator and friend, I am appreciative for all of the ways he made a difference in my life. I first met David in the fall of 2004, when he and Peter O’Hanrahan interviewed and then hired me for a six-month contract to do marketing for the Enneagram Professional Training Program. That six-month contract has morphed into 12 years and counting as marketing director and webmaster for Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition, and as editor of TALK for Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition.

David, thank you for believing in me! My life has been transformed through our work together. I feel so privileged to share in your vision, and to live and breathe the Enneagram daily through my work with the Enneagram Narrative Community. I trust that your kind, loving and generous spirit will live on in all of our memories.

Gerry Fathauer says

Terry, thank you for your loving and poignant tribute to David. His passion for the Enneagram and association with Helen Palmer to establish the Narrative Tradition curriculum and teaching school have impacted countless lives around the globe. I am grateful to have experienced David’s presence and compassion as an Enneagram teacher first-hand on many occasions over the past two decades. I shall always be grateful to him for the insights he gave me and the warmth with which he offered them. Some of us secretly called him “Yoda” for his quiet wisdom. It has been an honor to know him. His Light will continue to shine in the Enneagram community. My prayers are with Judy and his family.

Judy Wilbratte says

We have lost a giant in the Enneagram community. Terry, thank you for the beautiful tribute to David. I remember telling people during my certification training that the program David developed was the best I had ever taken. He knew how to develop what we needed to know to go do the work without overwhelming us. I am sad for his passing, but glad he could feel good about contributing until the end. We have all been blessed by his humor and warmth, as well as his teachings.

Susan McNary says

My heart aches for Judy, David and Diane and for all of us. But, I, too, am filled with gratitude for the vast and deep spiritual and psychological understanding that David shared so generously with us! He was the most genuine teacher I have ever had the good fortune to know. One of the highlights of my Enneagram training was when he played 8 of the 9 types as a therapist at the 1994 Conference at Stanford. When he came to the 6 he couldn’t “act the part” which was so typical of how truly genuine he was. I can’t remember who took his place (I think it was a woman) to play the role of the 6 therapist; but, it was a wonderful moment and he enjoyed the person who basically imitated him. He was so sincere, but, also shared wonderful warm humor. The world is truly a better place because of him and his work will endure forever. He will be missed every day by many who hold him and his family in their hearts with love and gratitude. I am certainly one of those. Rest in Peace, David and a million Thanks! susie mcnary, ph.d

Catherine Tornbom says

I was introduced to the Enneagram in 1991 – remembering the Woman’s Club in Palo Alto – and first witnessed the concept of the “Exemplar.” Each person self-determines, self-expresses, self-explores how they live and transcend their type. So passionately did David believe in the agency of each individual that he developed a powerful and impactful organizational structure to promote the Enneagram based in the power of each person’s narrative. David was the ultimate exemplar and I am so honored and grateful to have spent time in his presence and learn from his deep pool of knowledge and experience.

Jane Helfen says

Thank you Terry for your loving tribute. David was a lovely, kind man, and I will always treasure my brief time with him in recent years in training courses. He leaves us a legacy of love and greater understanding.

Marty Heeg says

Thank you, Terry, for your humble and loving comments about David. David has truly inspired me and I believe he always will be a guiding light for me in my work and all of my relationships. I am very grateful for the conversations I had with him and his tremendous example and wisdom. He touched my heart very deeply. My condolences to the Daniels family and all of his loved ones in the Enneagram community.

With Love,
Marty H.

Judith Searle says

David’s brilliance, kindness, and joy in the work he did was a magnificent gift to the world at large and, specifically, to the development of the Enneagram as a force in the world. The freshness of his mind was a continual delight to me as I attended his presentations at Enneagram conferences and chatted with him over meals. I treasure the memory of him and am so pleased to have been among his friends.

Katherine Chernick Fauvre says

I saw David regularly for the last 22 years in our “David’s Third Tuesday” Enneagram Study Group. What began as an opportunity for all of us all to learn more about the types became a gathering of close Enneafriends…. All of us have been through so much together. We shared our joys and we shared our sorrows. David and Judy were the first to arrive to support me when Brandon died…I am eternally grateful to have known such a loving man. I will always miss you, David Daniels… thank you for being you….

Brian L. Taylor says

Dear Terry and all our friends at ESNT –

The Faculty, Administration, and Staff at The Enneagram Institute sends to each of you our love and prayers at this time for transition for David. He was a truly intelligent, loving, kind, and open-minded individual, an inquisitive teacher, a bridge of unity in the Enneagram field, and support and friend to many. Our hearts go out in a special way to Judy for this tremendous personal loss. We can all take consolation in knowing that his work and his personal and spiritual impact continues to reside in each of us. Thank you, David.

Laurie Krotman says

Thank you Terry, for your beautiful words and memories about David. As everyone, I was profoundly impacted by his words of wisdom and his loving, kind and compassionate way. He will be missed by all.

Julie says

I was very fortunate that the Minnesota chapter of the International Enneagram Association brought in David for weekend workshops several times. His voice is one I hear in my head whenever I remember to be kind to myself.

Thank you for everything, David!

Marilyn Vancil says

I’ve been reflecting over and over about the countless ways David influenced my personal life and my work with the Enneagram. He truly lived out ‘receptive presence’ in such loving, gentle, and wise ways. His simple, yet profound, understanding and articulation of the Enneagram’s value weaves its way into my own voice as I attempt to express this to others. I am forever grateful for his personal encouragement as I shared with him my book idea…it propelled me to keep going. Then he wrote me a beautiful email and thoughtful endorsement when I sent him the finished the manuscript. I will treasure his kindness always and my heart is deeply moved as I remember David and all the passion for the Enneagram he shared with the world. His efforts have and will continue to bear fruit. I send blessings and prayers to his family and to all those who worked with David so closely.

Renee Siegel says

I grieve the loss of such an amazing man! David Daniels was one of my first Enneagram teachers and became so much more than a teacher and a mentor to me and my family. He exemplified someone authentically searching for what we all do in each of our ways and with each of our patterns – growing awareness, more ways to love and connection to our fellow human beings! I sit with the sadness of his transition and am so grateful for all the time we did have!

Courtney Behm says

I’ve never ceased to be grateful that my path to knowing more about the Enneagram began with David and Helen, and with the profound enlightenment of the Narrative Tradition. David was steadfast in his belief that self-awareness could make this world a better place and he maintained his vision with a high degree of integrity, compassion and common sense. I’ve never forgotten his caution to us that self-observation never becomes a habit, it always requires attention and renewal. That has allowed me to forgive my moments of regrettable personal unskillfulness, knowing I can find the light again, recalibrate my inner compass, and keep moving forward. Though I knew David was struggling with health issues, somehow I still believed he would live forever, that his body would be as indomitable as his spirit. Sadly, not so. To David’s family and friends, and to the ever-growing community of people David touched, I send condolences for your loss, along with a celebratory acknowledgement of a life well lived.

Erin Liman says

What a beautiful tribute, Terry. David was a wonderful teacher. His legacy lives on through all of us.

diane pendola says

I am feeling so sad for this great loss that our entire Enneagram community is now feeling. And I am so grateful for David’s many kindnesses towards me, and for the wise and gentle ways he embodied the practices of the enneagram. He truly practiced compassionate and non-judgemental presence. I feel I have another saint at my shoulder. David’s presence will continue to advise and inspire.

Sarah Walston says

Here’s to his kind unfolding of our tender territory.
Here’s to his ability to laugh at our human foibles.
Here’s to his persistent and consistent teaching of liberation.
Here’s to his heart of gold.

My life has been enriched by David’s presence over many years. I will keep his encouragement in my heart as I continue on this beautiful, shared path.

Feeling the fabric of the community he’s been essential in cultivating,

Eric Salmon says

Merci, David !
Quite a few French friends join me in a common thank you for having been whom you were.
A referent of compassion, thoughtfulness and steadiness.
Your presence in Paris had been unanimously appreciated.
I am not sure I would be the person I am today if our ways would not have met.
Much love to your family and peace on you wherever you are.

Evelyn says

Dear Terry,

Words fail me as I remember all the many ways I was so privileged to be in David’s presence at so many Enneagram sessions. I’m grateful for your words in so beautifully rendering his presence in your life. Dear David thank you so much for your loving attention for the past 20 years.

Rest in deeply deserved peace, Evelyn

Eric Meyer says

This is very sad news, bearable only because at the same time my heart is full of warmth for David, for those who’ve taught for so long with him, and for everyone who they’ve helped over the years, including me. I remember when I attended the Enneagram Intensive, it seemed that every time I glanced at the back of the room, there was David on his “break” working individually with someone who was having a hard time… and then one evening it was me. It’s not easy to go deeply into this material, although David could make it seem easy; it’s really all about relationship and connection, and he was right there for that, possibly the most available human being I’ve ever met. I also remember how lively he seemed teaching the Typing Process workshop, how he could bring simple enjoyment into this challenging work as well. I’m sorry I saw David as seldom as I did lately, and will miss him greatly.

jerome Virouleau says

Chère Terry,
j’ai appris ce WE avec grande tristesse le départ de David. J’ai beaucoup apprécié David, son ouverture, son enseignement, sa bienveillance, son humour.
David m’a aidé à grandir et à enrichir ma pratique.
j’ai une pensée particulière pour Judith, les enfants et petits enfants à qui je présente mes sincères condoléances.
Merci David

Heather Brown says

Thank you so much Jane Padget for your thoughts from the UK. We echo Jane’s condolences – our British bush telegraph has been humming with our shared sense of shock and sadness. But we’ve also been sharing our happy (and sometimes hilarious!) memories of the many trips made by David and Helen to the UK over the years to help us on our way, in Bristol and elsewhere. David is treasured by us all and will be greatly missed; with you we’ll remember him so fondly as a funny, gentle, challenging and authentic teacher and lovely human being. And with you we commit to carry on and expand work with the Enneagram into the future. With love to you all from all of us in the British Isles.

Jane Tight says

I will always remember David for his hand resting on my shoulder as he stood behind me, whispering in my ear a deepening question. Presence. Awareness. Action. He profoundly changed my life. The community he created and left behind, represented here by the notes, is the impact of his generous and thoughtful life work. I am grateful.

Terry Grogan says

I had the great privilege of being taught by David & Terry at an Intensive Training in Gympie, Australia in 2005. David was 70+ years young …. we played a game of Touch Football on the oval and when David got the ball no-one could catch him !!! He was 70+ years young …. I thought he would live forever … It seems that the truth is nothing lasts forever …. The memory of David and Terry during that week will last in my forever as a blessing bestowed on me at a time I really needed. David’s work will last forever in the hearts, minds and guts of those who listen carefully for the wisdom that is impeded in his words. He will Rest In Peace, of that I have no doubt ! With much fondness and gratitude…. albeit a tear on the cheek…

Gloria Horsley says

David and I shared not only the blessings of the Enneagram but also the loss of our beloved sons. Although he leaves us I am sure he is having a glorious reunion with his son. My heart goes out to Judy and to the entire family.

Jan MIsch says

I am truly saddened by the loss of such a great man. His influence in the Enneagram community lives on forever in all of our hearts, our minds and our souls. I am honored to have spent so many precious moments with David throughout the years. He was a kind and gentle man that shared his wisdom, compassion and love for the Enneagram and changed so many lives with so much awareness. He was my Yoda and I will miss him, but never forget him nor Judy. It always warmed my heart to see the love they had for each other. I will think him often and carry him in my heart. Love and prayers to all of his family.

Michael Healy and Ann O'Sullivan says

Thank you Terry for your gracious words and tribute to David. From here at Emmaus House in Bristol we wish to add our words of gratitude. It is tempting, though probably too trite, to say there will never be another like David. Exceptional certainly, inspirational without doubt, this was a man – a fully human person of infinite kindness and regard. David radiated the thrill and joy of learning to those of us who had the privilege of being alongside him. If our destiny, our beings, heart and home is with the infinite and found only there, might we not echo Wordsworth’s epitaph in his Prelude: “I saw our life and felt it was joy?” In bringing such joy to so many, David’s memory will live on for a long time and as he would wish, be passed on to generations to come.
Our prayers and love go especially to Judy and all the family at this time.

Patricia Isabel Basave Benítez says

What a loss for the Enneagram community! David was an extraordinary teacher, with a brilliant mind and a loving heart… not a common combo certainly! I’ve been teaching Enneagram in Monterrey, Mexico for almost 15 years now, and had the privilege of meeting David in Mexico (perhaps in one of his last trips abroad), in an intensive training at Valle de Bravo. Unlike other experts on this or other fields of knowledge that I’ve met, David never had that annoying ‘guru attitude’. He was always accesible to us, trainees, not only during the panels and conferences, but at breakfast, lunch at dinner hours, and we had such an interesting and illuminating conversation, and sometimes just a simple chat about everyday issues that I will always remember him as one of the most intelligent and kind men I have ever met. Thanks, David!

Kit Kirkpatrick says

I wish we could’ve kept David Daniels forever, his open heart and unabated kindness. My life is much bigger and better because of David and the Enneagram. I treasure the time I spent with him on his book. Thank you, David, for seeing me, and for your commitment to all of us.

Suzanne Bolton says

I had the privilege of having Dr Daniels as my instructor for the Enneagram Intensive. There has not been a day since that I have not reflected the wisdom he imparted during that wonderful growth experience.
David left the world a better place.

Cathy Maljournal says

Words will not suffice to express the impact you had David, on individuals and communities. Thank you, merci from the deepest of my heart, for your kindness, love and dedication in teaching this wonderful tool of the Enneagram. The Enneagram community would not have been the same without your presence. You will be missed greatly. My thoughts go to Judy and all your family. Love to all.

Ann Marie Mack says

I loved David. He taught me well and he helped me grow. Me and so many others. His contribution to the world is great and he will always be remembered for it.

Satish Kumar says

Sorry to hear the news of David Daniels. I was supervised by him both in San Francisco and North Carolina Enneagram programs along with Terry and Peter. He was one of the finest teacher of the Enneagram. Still I remember the panel he was leading and the sweet Namaste welcome indian style he did. Great researcher, scientist, trainer, coach, mentor, and above all a great human being… once in San Francisco training he invited me for a trek. He was a vivid walker and a wonderful person we all who benefited from his training. I will miss him, I will pray that god gives the strength to his family and the Enneagram community to bear the loss. I will miss him, your indian Mumbai Enneagram student, Dr Satishchandra Kumar, Mumbai University

Dave Roos says

Thanks Terry for starting this wonderful tribute. Dave saved my marriage and has been part of my life for more than 25 years. I will always love you, Dave and feel that I was blessed by God to have you in my life. I love Judy also and am wishing the best for her. Dave was very tired at the end and it was his time.

Erik Blois says

Thank you Terry, JD and everyone for the wonderful messages and memories. Like everyone I’m filled with a mixture of deep sadness, love and gratitude that I can’t separate. I haven’t been able to bring myself to read all these wonderful words this past week until now and I’m so glad I did.

The last couple times I saw David this past year he said that he planned on “arriving” on his second to last breath, so that he could “have a whole breath to enjoy it.”

I had a dream of David’s passing last Friday night, not knowing that he had passed. His chest turned a bright light, and as I took a step towards him his whole being became a bright light as it went up to the heavens. It was beautiful, and the best part is that when the light started shining he was still breathing, which makes me believe that he had at least one if not two breaths to enjoy it.

What a life well lived.

Evangeline Welch says

Thank you, Erik, for sharing your amazing dream and beautiful vision of David’s spirit.

Kim Stege says

Thank you, Terry and everyone for your warm and beautiful memories of David. He shared his deep knowledge of the enneagram with us, leading with his kindness and humor. What a great and loving teacher!

Barry Ahern says

It was a privilege to know David, firstly as he tutored many of us through the professional training and later as he traveled to all those Enneagram gatherings around Europe accompanied by his wonderful wife Judy.

As well as bringing his his incisive understanding of the material. which he tempered with his good humor which, he great humility and compassion for the sufferings of his fellow human beings was an example to us all. You will be missed David. Rest well and be at peace: you were dearly loved.

Jim McPartlin says

David changed, influenced and guided my life in so many ways. If ever I had a Soul Father on this earth, it was this incredible human being. I remember meeting David for the first time almost 20 years ago and, as a 6, feeling instant kinship. His gentle demeanor, wry humor and constant support guided me through my certification, and more importantly, his all encompassing love made me understand what faith meant in the years to come. May God hold him close as he held so many of us.

Ronda Pretzlaff Diegel says

Thank you for your beautiful, loving tribute, Terry. Like many, I loved David. Among many wonderful interactions through the years of knowing David, two memories are most vivid. First, when I sat for certification and led my first panel, David was my coach. He sat just behind me with his hand on my back. There was such comfort and strength in his touch; I felt lifted and valued. Second, David came to Detroit to lead an Intensive about 2 months post heart surgery. I was worried about his health, but he had so much energy! I smile as a think about trying to keep up. . . with his beautiful mind and his energetic step. Again, I was struck and honored by how much I felt that he believed in me. I am so grateful that I could call him “my teacher.”

Hal Lynne Micali says

Thank you Terry for notifying us of David’s passing. Thank all of you for your comments about David. Bob and I send our deepest sympathy to JD and his family.

David taught in such a humble fashion wisdom, kindness and compassion. Because of his courage to explore the Enneagram he taught me to stretch my wings. He helped me to understand humanity. I always had a sense of security knowing that David was around. I will miss him and trust the faith that he taught me.

Ironically I attended a workshop regarding mortality at of all places Vallombrosa in Menlo Park last weekend. We arrived the day of David’s leaving us. Many of us shared precious moments with each other and David at Vallombrosa. After I read Terry’s email I walked around the property sending David, and his family loving kindness. I felt his presence with each step.

I feel so fortunate to have known him.

Grace Ruvimbo Chirenje says

I was blessed to know David Daniels. He was amazing and simply awesome as a human being and teacher. I loved working with him and learnt a lot from him. I met him in Menlo Park after his open heart surgery – his strength and resilience inspired me as he taught us well. His energy for such an age was so deep and inspiring. I will miss him and may his soul rest in peace. I remain forever grateful my path connected with his and now I can testify of growth from this interaction. I will continue his vision collectively with others.

Kerry O'Donnell says

Thank you for this tribute Terry. I am deeply saddened by David’s passing. He taught with a great deal of love, kindness and compassion, and made the way safe for me as I discovered the Enneagram and difficult truths about myself. I am grateful for his generosity of spirit, and I cherish the wisdom and invaluable gifts he has given us. “They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it” – William Penn. Indeed, there is no separation here.

Jennifer Glazar says

What a beautiful tribute Terry! David will be missed dearly. Thank you David for all you have done for the Enenagram Community!

Morgan Smith says

Thank you, Terry, for this beautiful tribute to a truly extraordinary, well-loved man. And thank you, Helen, for changing the course of my life in so many ways including bringing David into it. I just finished listening to the Enneagram Global Summit Memorial and Life Celebration for David and am filled with the profound humility, integrity, curiosity and respect that David inspired in so many people – including myself. I am sending love and warm wishes to the Daniels family and the many old friends and colleagues whose heartfelt sentiments have graced these posts.

Leslie C. Nichols says

I send my sincere and heartfelt condolences on learning of the passing of Dr. David Daniels. I first had the pleasure of meeting David in in 1971. I had been a legal services attorney and had just opened my office for practice of law in Palo Alto. David’s office was in the same ground floor office at 220 California Avenue, Palo Alto. I referred a number of clients to David, and I knew he would provide the best professional care. My clients were often working their way through the most distressing issues related to divorce, separation, and loss. I began service as a superior court judge in Santa Clara County in 1984 and served on the court for twenty five years. I have served our Chief Justice on judicial assignments all over California for the last eight years. It is a comfort to me know that there are caring professionals like Dr. David Daniels who can offer comfort and treatment to people as they confront life’s many challenges. My sincere condolences go to David’s family and friends at this sad time. Judge (Ret) Leslie C. Nichols

Murielle Gardret says

David will be missed to the whole Enneagram Community! Thank you David for your wonderful, Incredible value during all these years to the Community. Thanks a lot for all what you have done.
I am sending much love to your family.

Teresa Roche says

My heart broke when I read the news about David. Terry, your tribute is stunning and allows me to hold a deep space of peace as a flood of memories keep coming to me. Once in a class with David in Menlo Park, I found out that I went to the first enneagram in the narrative tradition nine week series David did with Helen Palmer, Patricia Burbank and Michael Kilgroe in the 80’s in Palo Alto. I had learned about the enneagram earlier from Father Ripley Caldwell, my spiritual mentor who lived and worked at the Jesuit Retreat House and was completely captivated. The nine week series had a huge audience and I knew the enneagram spoke to so many people. David’s legacy of inviting others to learn along with him is remarkable and I am grateful for him. Sighs of sorrow and joy.

Erlina Edwards says

For many, our entire worldviews shifted positively because we were sent to David and Helen in this lifetime. He was brilliant, loving, generous and gentle. He will be missed.

Laura and Jeffree Lee says

Dear Enneagram Community:
David lives in our hearts:
His playful spirit and masterful charm;
His compassionate insight and quick brilliant mind;
His loving devotion to Judy and praise of his children;
The admiration of his loyal colleagues, and dedication of his students.
All who were graced by his presence, cherished his touch and felt love and joy.
With gratitude with all hold him close.

Linda and Mike Hogan says

Our hearts are heavy this morning after hearing of David’s passing. He gave us so much wisdom and understanding of not only who we are, but who the people in our lives and in our world are! He also helped us move through our deep grief when we lost our grandson. We will never forget David’s insight, guidance and love. And we are eternally grateful for his profound influence in our lives.

Sammylane Wirth says

I learned of David’s death just as I was leaving for the hospital to check out a possible heart attack. (It was and I am back home, recovering.) I just wanted to add my voice to those of thousands who benefitted so much from David’s loving and generous contributions to the Enneagram community. His tireless work, his presentations at our gatherings, his individual interest in each of us as we struggled in the early days of our studies to apply the teachings to our own situations, and his support of our growth as we gradually adopted the Enneagram as the single most important experience in our own lives….priceless memories, enduring legacies to savor in our own lives. God bless you, David, as you have entered new realms of existence. I will cherish my memories of you forever.

enneagramsedona says

Throughout my training in the Enneagram Professional Training Program, David Daniels’ humility and openness was without doubt the most influential. Not just because of how well he knew and taught the Enneagram of Personality, but because of who he was and what he modeled. He lived the Enneagram from the instead out. He walked the talk! I never saw him paranoid, though he owned his Type 6-ness, and I rarely saw him reactive. I saw him open, honest about his own walk, tender, vulnerable, powerful, and real.

Just to share a couple of personal examples – Once he was co-leading a program on the Enneagram and Mindfulness with Anna Douglas at the Casa. They weren’t far into it when someone asked if they were married. They weren’t, but they sort of sounded like a married couple at-odds. That continued for a while when Rick Bradstreet from Austin, Texas told David that he and Anna were like Mom and Dad up there (on the stage) and that we needed to see how they were going to resolve the issues between them. David addressed that almost immediately, apologizing to us, thanking Rick for bringing it up, saying we wouldn’t see those kinds of exchanges any more. And we didn’t. His honesty and humility was legion.

At his home in Menlo Park, he welcomed my daughter Susanna and me and took us in like family. I know he did that often with his students. Another time when I was driving him to the airport in Phoenix, we were talking about this and that when he told me he felt safe with me. I know I felt safe with him, that’s for sure, but he really meant it and was vulnerable enough to say it without any kind of agenda but the truth. He often shared his shortfalls, but in such a way that his honesty made him stand tall, taller, tallest!

When I certified, it was unusual in that I was the only person certifying, so he and Peter O’Hanrahan split the week and I had their undivided attention, first Peter, then David. It was the only time in my life I can say that for not one nano-second during that entire week did I feel more-than or less-than. That was thanks to the environment they set for me. David was in charge of certifying my panel interview and because we shared a mike, he sat close behind me, his hand on my shoulder, his head like an extension of my own. Because it was so safe, I didn’t feel intimidated that I was leading a panel with one of the best ever within inches. It was more an experience of awe and an invitation to “channel” David. It was a “5” panel and David was teaching me to “match energy” – not just up, but down. He also taught me the value of going deep, rather than wide, in the interview process, to the point that Brother (at that time) Joe told me he would have answered anything I asked him, because David allowed me to learn from him how to set that same kind of trust level. The work I do today with couples is largely influenced by what I learned from David.

Finally, David’s hospitality and generosity extended in all directions. He brought people together to break new ground – whether it was Dan Siegel, or Jack Killen, Russ Hudson, or one of us. He was always curious and compassionate, opening up new depths, often healing, and up to just a few days before he died, he shared with us his passion for the Enneagram on his blog. It is my honor to dedicate next year’s Sedona Enneagram Study Group to David D. Daniels, teacher, mentor, and friend.

Frank R Timmons says

As a fellow Type 6, David was an inspiration to me and so many others by being a living example of a person of tremendous faith and courage! He was such an outstanding teacher, not only because of what he said, but also because of who he was!

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