Inside The Enneagram for Therapists, Counselors and Coaches: Always More to Learn

August 5, 2014 | By Monirah Womack

That resonates with me so well. The more I discover, the more there is to take in and explore. Over our 3½ days together, our group covered extensive territory – from theory and concepts to anchor our learning, to direct experience of what each Enneagram character structure needs in therapy, coaching or spiritual direction. We also looked at our potential places of reactivity as practitioners. Panels in the Narrative Tradition and guided one-to-one interactions created powerful learning experiences as we explored the spiritual, psychological and somatic pathways to integration and transformation.

There was plenty of practice, too, in all senses of the word: meditation practice, triad role-play practice to apply our learning, and somatic practices. I am grateful to already have an Enneagram Narrative somatic personal development practice. To consciously expand it to my self-development as a professional was more than a blessing. Several in our group were new to somatic practice, and it was pretty wonderful to witness the impact of this work, for newcomers as well as those with more experience. For me, there is nothing like working your own “stuff” in a field of practitioners who are committed to creating more consciousness for themselves and in their work with clients.      

At this point, a little more than one week out from the training’s conclusion, I am in a place of immense appreciation – for Terry, Marion and Renée, who consistently found the most optimal balance in teaching, facilitating and guiding, and for my fellow practitioners. Everyone was so open to the invitation to learn. May the learning continue to unfold, as I unpack more of the gifts of my Enneagram Narrative experience.    

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patricia says

Couldn’t have said it more eloquently and truthful. Thank you so much for voicing my experiences as well as yours. And I too feel truly blessed to have been part of this event. Warmly, P

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