Heartful Truths and Teaching at the Enneagram Narrative Weekend

October 21, 2015 | By Alice Wellington

The Transformed By Christ Ministries hosted us in a small facility called Conversations, which is sandwiched between our local newspaper office and a variety of shops in downtown Edmond. The capacity for this room is 49, per the Fire Marshall’s standards. To the ministries’ credit, their untiring efforts to spread the word about the two-day workshop attracted 46 participants. We filled the space, but more than that, we opened ourselves to make “space” for Renée’s teaching of truths!

I hear daily about the transforming power of the weekend in the lives of the participants. I’m hearing how families are finding a new language with which to explore their relationships rather than falling into old tired assumptions. In short, we all were blessed beyond measure! So much so, that when I announced that Renée would be returning in the spring for a follow-up weekend workshop, the participants erupted in applause!

To use a Southern analogy, we are a fertile soil ready for planting. Thank you Renée, for loving us well with your teaching and your heart!


Editor’s note: The Enneagram Narrative Weekend is part of ESNT’s new Collaboration Initiative, designed to make our teachings more accessible to people throughout the U.S. and Canada. You’re invited to join us in bringing the Enneagram with one of our Core Faculty members to your community. Read more >

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