Grateful Thanks

David Daniels|Oct 15, 2015
David Daniels

Thank all of you who have responded to my seasons-of-life short report. I will continue this work until I am no longer able. I am so grateful for all the work we have done together, to the teaching team, and Helen. Know that I have taken your responses into my heart.

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  1. Laura and Jeffree Lee|

    Dear David,

    Congratulations! We feel privileged to be among your students. Your dedication to the Enneagram, as well as a keen wit have inspired us through many years of rewarding learning experiences. You taught us meaningful ways to better understand ourselves and others.

    David, you are a rare gem, and we love you always. We pray your years ahead continue to fulfill your wishes and dreams.

    Sincerely yours,
    Jeffree and Laura Lee

  2. David Daniels|

    Thanks so much Jeffree and Laura for you thoughtful land heart warming comment. Our relationship goes back a long way and I have great respect and appreciation for you and our friendship over the years. With love, David

  3. David Daniels|

    Again Thank you so much Laura and Jeffree, Our relationship goes back a long way and is full of care and regard that has so supported me. With love, David


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