A Report from Our Executive Director: Compassion Is Priceless. Let’s Spread It Around!

May 8, 2017 | By Mary Freund

Throughout the past year I’ve learned new ways of working (at the office and virtually), examined the how, why and should of getting things done, increased my appreciation of the value of processing, enjoyed the camaraderie of this amazing ESNT team, and given thanks for the greater sense of happiness and gratitude from the experience.

I am grateful to our existing donors for your continued and generous support that makes it possible for ESNT to reach new participants with dynamic and life-changing Enneagram programs in the Narrative Tradition. Having attended the Enneagram Intensive 2.0 last year, I was immersed in a safe container of learning by our Core Faculty. Bearing witness to others’ experiences and sharing my own, building pathways to connecting body, heart and mind, and increasing capacity for truth and compassion left me open, humble and uplifted!

As Executive Director, I continue to engage and support efforts to bring vital programs to as many participants as possible. I invite each of you to help reach this goal, to partner with us and donate to ESNT. Together, we will support positive change in an often-contentious world, one student at a time. As I’ve come to realize, compassion is priceless. Let’s help spread it around!

2016 in review

As a team of Board, Staff and Faculty, and assimilating feedback from participants and other stakeholders, we worked together to understand our current organizational structure, outlined how we want to change and grow, plotted out our trajectory and taken the necessary action steps. To that end, in 2016 we:

  • Opened an office in Boulder, CO
  • Streamlined infrastructure and organizational processes
  • Reached a wider audience through our free Enneagram in Your Life webinar series
  • Increased our social media presence
  • Entered new communities with our programs through the ESNT Collaboration Initiative 
  • Certified 5 teachers and 9 professionals
  • Experienced the retirement of David Daniels, MD, our beloved co-founder
  • Set our 2017 goals during the annual Board of Directors Retreat in October
  • Met our 2016 fundraising goal of $80,000, thanks to the generosity of many of you in the Enneagram Narrative Community

Moving forward in 2017

We’re off to a robust start this year. Already in 2017, we are:

  • Growing our presence with a 3-hub approach for training centers – California, Colorado and Ohio
  • Supporting the certification process for 23 people in our teacher track, and 14 in our professional track, with 1 teacher and 4 professionals already certified in 2017
  • Developing teaching products to support newly certified teachers
  • Creating additional online offerings
  • Adding programs to the existing teaching schedule
  • Realigning work duties of staff, increasing efficiencies and creating capacity, while continuing to hone our infrastructure and organizational processes
  • Keeping our programs affordable

As students, donors and friends, you inspire us through your enthusiastic participation and ongoing support. We cherish every shared moment, story and learning circle with you. Together, we continue to transform lives and create a more compassionate world. From all of us at ESNT, I thank you for being a part of our Enneagram Narrative Community.

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Lori Heintzelman Ph.D. says

Although I have not participated in an Enneagram program (yet!), it is clear to me that we all need to better understand ourselves and others so we might act in ways that advance the greater good. This seems especially pertinent now, in such a charged political climate, where reactivity is high and peaceful engagement is difficult.

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