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  • The Best Test Available

    Developed by Stanford University researchers Dr. David Daniels, M.D. and Dr. Virginia Price, Ph.D., the Essential Enneagram Test is highly accurate and scientifically validated.

    The Narrative Enneagram is the longest-running Enneagram certification school in the world and the first International Enneagram Association Accredited School with Distinction. Our test has supported thousands of people to find their type every year for over two decades.

  • Self-Discovery is an Inside Job

    Learning about yourself using the Enneagram is what we call an inside job. That means no one else can tell you your type based on behavior, not even those closest to us.

    Our test is designed with that process in mind. Rather than a long series of multiple-choice questions, the Essential Enneagram Test will support you in observing your own inner motivations and worldview as you explore the possibilities.

  • A Guided 3-Step Process

    First, you’ll rank comprehensive paragraph descriptions of the nine types to give you a starting point.

    Next, you’ll have the opportunity to dive into each type more deeply, including videos of representatives sharing about their type to narrow your options.

    Finally, you’ll compare similarities and differences among your top 3 to choose your most likely type.

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