Warren Munitz

Warren Munitz

CEO, Master Coach, Founder

Founder of Integrative Coaching

Warren Munitz is the Founder of Integrative Coaching and Author of the book The Infinite Spark. His passion for helping others with leadership, self-mastery and inner realization through meditation and coaching has come from his own personal journey. He has come to realize that coaching and meditation bridge the gap of the lack of inner awareness that is so apparent in our understanding of our inner processes of perception that have become conditioned and reinforced by the current social culture.

Once in private practice and then after decades of working with CEO’s and executives of companies in top sectors of industry, he noticed the fundamental issue was the same – a lack of awareness of an individual’s true nature, creating a glass ceiling within themselves and as an extension within their environment both personally and professionally.

Integrative Coaching is the third iteration of a growing and evolving process and practice, which began over two decades ago.

  • Master Executive Coach
  • Master NLP life coach
  • Master Business coach
  • Master Relationship coach
  • Master Meditation and Yoga instructor
  • Master Hypnotherapist
  • COMENSA Master Practitioner and Master Evaluator
  • Time Paradigm Techniques Master Practitioner
  • Published author of the book The Infinite Spark.
  • Degree in Science in Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Certified Enneagram Teacher, Coach and Facilitator
  • Over 26,000 hours coaching
  • Over 32,000 hours of meditation

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