Silvia King

Silvia King

Chief Human Resources Officer


Silvia King is a Certified Enneagram Teacher and seasoned Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) with over 20 years of senior level HR and executive experience across multiple industries. Currently serving as the CHRO at Southern First Bank, Silvia is passionate about authentic and deep self-awareness through the Enneagram in an effort to develop well-rounded and grounded leaders.

Co-Founder of Leader Design Co:

  • Silvia is also a co-founder of Leader Design Co, a coaching and consulting business that focuses on developing people-minded leaders. The company leverages the power of emotional intelligence to cultivate self-awareness, effective relationship management, and adept navigation of organizational dynamics.
  • Enneagram Expertise: Silvia recognizes the value of the Enneagram personality framework in deepening self-awareness and turning off automatic patterns that limit growth.  This framework provides clarity about self-perception, communication under stress, core needs, desires, fears, and natural influence styles.

Professional Background:

  • Holistic Approach: As a certified Yoga Instructor and Narrative Enneagram Teacher, Silvia brings a holistic perspective to leadership, emphasizing the impact of human interactions on organizational outcomes.
  • Leadership Expertise: With a strong foundation in human resources and senior leadership, Silvia has successfully led talent acquisition, employee relations, compensation and benefits planning, leadership development, and organizational design initiatives.
  • Professional Certifications: Silvia holds both SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) and SHRM Senior Professional certifications, demonstrating expertise in HR practices.

Silvia is committed to making a difference in this world by sharing the power of the Enneagram with those in her professional and personal surroundings.


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