Mary Anne Wampler

Mary Anne Wampler

Enneagram Teacher, Executive Business Coach


​​Mary Anne is an Enneagram teacher at heart. She is also a highly intuitive coach, impactful business strategist and thought leader. Her thirty years of teaching, executive coaching and consulting experience have proven what she has always known – higher levels of self-awareness and self-development create higher levels of success. Her Narrative Enneagram journey and instruction began with Helen Palmer and David Daniels. Following her passion for transformation coupled with her love of business led her to pioneer bringing the Enneagram into the workplace when others said it couldn’t be done. In 1996, she co-founded Transform, Inc., a national business consulting firm, with her amazing business partner, Theresa Gale.

Mary Anne is a past president of the EANT, has presented at IEA, and is a long-time member of the Bergamo learning community. She grinned recently when a client reflected, “This isn’t just for business, is it? This is life-changing stuff.” Mary Anne offers Enneagram-informed consulting and coaching and supervises and mentors students in the TNE Teacher/Practitioner Certification Programs.

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