Joyce Plaza

Joyce Plaza

Adjunct Faculty

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Joyce Plaza, MS, MBE joined the teaching team in 2022. She is a Certified Narrative

Enneagram Teacher and a certified International Coach Federation (ICF) Life Coach.

She has studied the Enneagram since 1998 and has taught Enneagram workshops to

individuals, groups, and teams. In 2016-2018, she served on the Board of Directors of

the Enneagram Association of Narrative Teachers (EANT), and from 2018-2020, served

on the board of The Narrative Enneagram (TNE) including serving as President of the

TNE Board for 2019 and 2020. She has a particular interest in the intersection of

science and the Enneagram.

Her academic career includes extensive experience in education and training at many

levels. She has a BS degree in Biology and two master’s degrees, including one in

Bioethics. She resides in Pennsylvania.