Joanne Ostler

Joanne Ostler


I offer complimentary 20 minute sessions as a chance to meet and explore if we're a good match. Email me:

How do you live a good life and grow, when it's just so damn hard? My answer is by learning about your personality structure, blockages, strengths/gifts, habits of attention, wounds – and creating a specific pathway for development, tailored to you.

I use well-established science and research based developmental maps, frameworks and tools and together with my clients, create pathways unique to them.

My clients generally end sessions saying things like: "I feel better, lighter", "I know what to do", " I've opened a door" "I can't believe I never realised that before", "It's a relief being able to open up and talk honestly to someone (not friend or family) without judgement and with compassion", "I've never said that out loud before, but now I have, it seems different".

There is so much pain, stress, loneliness and confusion in the world. I want to help people fast-track, make easier, their personal and professional growth journey.

I work with professionals and leaders facing change, complexity, stress and challenges in their careers and lives. Some have realised that what’s got them to where they are is no longer enough for their next step or to handle the challenges they face.

Human brains are not designed to work everything out on our own. We need to talk things out and feel witnessed too.

I value great conversations, making a difference, and I want to help people grow to make an all-round better, healthier and gentler world.

I don’t believe in:

– (Toxic) Positivity: humans are complex, and none of us gets through childhood unscathed.

– Individuals just need to "try harder": we alone can only do so much.

– Fixed formulas for growth or leadership or anything.

I do believe:

– “Maps” are powerful, & the map is not the method nor experience.

– Every person is unique.

– It's incredibly powerful to learn about yourself & strengths with self-compassion.

– Our childhood survival strategies become our habits of attention and will create lifelong issues.

– And, mindfulness is great but it won't fix everything.

I’ve a slightly ridiculous number of courses and certifications under my belt.

– PCC Coach

– Certified Global Leadership Profile & My World View

– Certified Vertical Mindset Indicator Coach

– Certified Narrative Enneagram Coach

– Highly Sensitive Persons Coach

– Love + Work Strengths Certified

– MBTI Certified

– Self-Compassion, Mindfulness & Embodied Coaching

If this is resonating, reach out and let's chat.

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