Jeannie Armbruster

Jeannie Armbruster

Jeannie Armbruster is an Enneagram teacher, coach, and corporate trainer. With a degree in psychology, over a decade of experience as a social worker, and years of training in the Enneagram, she created Your Truest You, LLC.  

Jeannie uses the Enneagram to help clients observe themselves more clearly, to move beyond reactive patterns and into alignment with their gifts and strengths. She offers individual coaching, classes, and retreats to facilitate personal and spiritual growth. In the corporate world, Jeannie offers experiences to ignite shifts in team dynamics towards effective collaboration and intentional communication as well as working with individuals to increase satisfaction and productivity. She also hosts a monthly Enneagram Learning Community. See for details.

*A note from Jeannie: “My passion in life is using the Enneagram to support individuals, groups, and corporate teams to develop their incredible gifting and to recognize and release old patterns that no longer serve them. I use a combination of teaching, inquiry, somatic practice, and presence to help clients meet themselves with compassionate self-awareness. 

In working with me, we will take time to honor the brilliance behind the strategies that once served you, and then work with how the overuse of those strategies may be hindering you and creating difficulties in the present. Together we will craft meaningful practices to increase your awareness, address specific challenges, and support you in engaging with life more fully as your most present and authentic self. It would be an honor to work with you….And if you are ever in West Chester, PA, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, come join our learning community”


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