Christopher Vaught-Hall

Christopher Vaught-Hall

Senior HR Leader


**Christopher Vaught-Hall**

*Senior Human Resource Manager at Procter and Gamble*

Christopher Vaught-Hall is a seasoned Human Resource professional with a wealth of experience spanning both the private and public sectors. In recognition of his exceptional contributions while working in the public sector, Christopher received the distinguished title of Kentucky Colonel from the Governor of Kentucky. His passion for community service and giving back is evident through his current role as a magistrate in his home county.

Christopher holds a Bachelor of Science in Community Communications and Leadership Development, complemented by a degree in Economics. Furthermore, he has earned an MBA from Northern Kentucky University, specializing in Executive Leadership and Organizational Change.

In addition to his academic and professional achievements, Christopher is a Certified Enneagram Practitioner, showcasing his commitment to personal, professional and organizational development.

With a strong background in HR and a dedication to serving his community, Christopher Vaught-Hall continues to make a meaningful impact in both his professional and public roles.

Christopher is ready and willing to speak to and consult with individuals, teams, or even executives.

Christopher has experience speaking at conferences, leading executive teams, helping individuals activate the potential from within.

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