Amy Pritzker

Amy Pritzker

Bereavement Coordinator


I am a registered social worker in Ontario, Canada, with 15+ years of experience in hospice palliative care. My educational background (and personal development) in psychology, spiritual formation, and community development converged when I discovered the Enneagram 20 years ago. Working with the Enneagram has helped me view the world differently—to have more compassion, grace, and humility with others and myself. These qualities are essential when we're in seasons of transition.

Working with individuals, groups, and families through grief, loss and transformation, I have learned what it means to heal and grow from these experiences. People’s stories and wisdom have shaped my understanding of the world and my work. I aim to create spaces where people can be heard, strategies can be explored, and healing happens. Sometimes, healing comes in unexpected forms, but in my experience, it often occurs in the context of a relationship.

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