Adam Bailon

Adam Bailon


Adam Bailon, M.Div, is a justice focused inner work guide and Enneagram teacher. He is certified as an Enneagram practitioner and teacher through TNE. His work focuses on wholeness, self-compassion and the intersection of Enneagram and anti-oppression practice. He approaches this work from a soulful perspective and as part of his own practice of wholeness.

Adam loves his 1-1 work with clients and knows it to be a sacred witnessing as folks discover compassion and love for themselves and their most estranged, “other."

He also deeply enjoys facilitating groups using the Enneagram. In all of his groups Adam prioritizes working with type patterns in all of our centers over simply transmitting information. This is rooted in his perspective that information alone does not transform because freedom requires embodied presence.

Adam is grateful to have been able to learn from and share the Enneagram with a diverse mix of groups including spiritual communities, business teams, and non-profits.

Currently, Adam is most interested in teaching and working with the Enneagram in the context of anti-oppression practice.

You can keep up with him online at or on IG @Enneagramforfreedom

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