A Word from Our New Executive Director

Mary Freund|Aug 27, 2016
The Narrative Enneagram - Mary Freund

More than three months have already passed since I began my tenure as Executive Director of Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition (ESNT)! My days have been filled with learning my new role, understanding all of the organization’s moving parts, and interfacing with staff members, the Core Faculty and Board of Directors. Although we are a small nonprofit, I am in awe of the high level of sophistication, professionalism and teamwork that is carried out daily to ensure that ESNT is meeting its mission to refine and advance Narrative Tradition programs and curriculum.

As a next step in our organizational development, we recently opened an office in Boulder, Colorado. ESNT staff, faculty and board members who live in the Boulder/Denver area now have a gathering place to ground and build community. Conference rooms are available to extend ESNT’s reach and provide a new venue for Enneagram classes in the Narrative Tradition.

We also are excited at the continuing success of our free Enneagram Narrative in Your Life webinar series, offered the last Tuesday of each month. The ESNT Collaboration Initiative is evolving, and we are exploring additional modalities to bring this important learning to new communities, both in the U.S. and abroad. I look forward to the ongoing work of supporting existing programs while developing new avenues of outreach.

I invite you to contact us with your ideas and thoughts. As our friends and fellow learners, your voices matter! Further, I extend an invitation to donate to ESNT, partnering with us to bring our mission to fruition, transforming lives and creating a more compassionate world. In light of recent events, both here and abroad, there is no better time to provide this learning.

Thank you,

Mary Freund

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  1. Ahshua Bolton|


    What a tremendously positive and forward reaching email blast of the ESNT website, maximizing its capabilities for reaching out to the populous. Very, very well done!! Loved your message and the warm and inviting picture of you. Your smile exemplifies your enthusiasm, warmth, welcome, and invitation to be part of ESNT’s mission. You encourage me in the hope and expectation that more people will respond than ever. Many congrats on the way your presence comes across. How fortunate we are to have YOUR FACE reaching the masses with all you embody in a picture, a smile, and such inspiring words. As I know you already are aware, this kind of communication goes a long, long way towards the continued success and future of ESNT. My hat is totally off to you and tipped your way as my sincere gesture of gratitude and optimism. I know you are already thinking of this: I would love to see the donation link earlier on in any communiqué from us via the website. Still, the organization of the entire email blast is just simply exquisite!

    Way to go Ms ED and beautiful face of ESNT!!!

    Love, Ahshua

  2. Lori Heintzelman|

    I heard Mary talk about her appreciation for the Enneagram for months (years) before the ED job ever became available. Her enthusiasm is palpable, and she brings a wealth of director experience and energy to this role. Good choice, ESNT Board! I agree that the world is ripe for greater understanding of ourselves and others as we try to navigate this often-contentious thing called LIFE. (On a side note, I am tickled that Mary’s photograph is getting positive attention. I took it. The occasion was a particularly happy one, but Mary is also just that photogenic.)

  3. Eugenie Morton|

    How wonderful to read this and inspiring! I am new to the Enneagram world, this was particularly helpful in “nudging ” me along to take classes and pursue this path of inquiry / knowledge and relational recovery which I am quite interested in. I will keep my eye out for further offerings. Mary seems to be quite an asset, congratulations to you all for having her join your team!

    • Ahshua Bolton|

      Dear Eugenie,

      Wholeheartedly, I encourage you to go full speed into your studies with ESNT. As a former ESNT student, I cannot adequately begin to express my deep gratitude for the Core Faculty and the ESNT curriculum deeply embedded in the ancient Narrative Tradition. ESNT has preserved the tradition of narrative style of “passing on” the wisdom of the Enneagram. The combined experiences of education and doing our own inner work are unmatched anywhere by anyone! Best to you on your journey! Ahshua


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